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Hey everyone this is the first game I made in Flash.

You move with the arrow keys and aim/shoot using the mouse. It's up to you to defend the bunker for as long as possible. After every wave off attackers you'll be able to upgrade your tank and/or bunker.

please report any bugs and rate/review.


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the game is kickass

spice up the graphics a little put some tunes in there. maybe make it 360 degrees instead of just strait up, maybe for the sequel.. anyways yeah i liked it..

Nice but..

There were some problems,as with any game though.

First i noticed was if i clicked to fast,i would get a fast burst of fire rate,then my fire rate would hit zero and i wouldnt be able to shoot at all.
Second the Menu,This got me mad here and there,i would beat a wave,but because i was still clicking wasted all my saved $$ on speed,because of witch i would be raped in the next wave.
Third,The arrow keys are that great,use WASD,they are much better.

Other than that good game,not the best but its pretty good.

3/5 7/10

This has potential!

A few things are needed though:

1. Needs some kind of level indicator
2. Needs a limit for how many times you can upgrade. I was over $5000 on the bullets and there seemed to be no change at all.
3. The health indicator was upgraded to 110%, yet when I restored health, it only went to 100%.
4. After the waves progressed to the point where 5 or 6 tanks come at you with everything else, it doesn't get any harder.
5. Too laggy. Maybe it's my 3 year old mac, but for the simple graphics in the game, it was way too laggy.
6. wasd should be an option as well, although I found that I didn't have to move at all, I just kept shooting the hell out of everything which worked fine.

So, improve those things and maybe add a high score board and this could be great.

pretty good

i have to agree with caveman the game was fun though and i look foward to more of your flashes

pretty good

ok, two things about this game. 1: if you could make it where you get to choose to use the wasd or arrow keys to move it would be better, and 2: save feature would be nice. and p.s to the guy who was saying his tank wont move, you have to click the screen a.k.a. shoot, then hit the move button after you have clicked on the screen at the begining of the level so it will register that the arrow clicking is for the game and not just on your computer. other than the 2 things though it was fun. and those are pretty minor things to so they arent a real problem.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
6:59 PM EST
Action - Other