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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

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Author Comments

I figured "hey, I've got time to waste, why not make something simple and rhythmic?" so I did.

This is the result of, oh, three hours or so work. Woo!

[Edit]: It would appear I originally exported it with some kind of minimum, default settings for audio.
I have now re-exported with much better sound quality, and, I think the quadrupling of size is very much worth it... it simply did not do the song justice before.

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I love it.
Ive always wanted to do a music video but was never handy with flash, heh heh. Im honored you did this. Thank you.
You fucking rock. lol


Deaththe14th responds:

haha, thanks.
I did it pretty much for new years... I don't have many ideas very often, but I liked your song (I found it through the "random audio" feature)

I think your song was what made this flash - my synchronisation and little bits of art were nothing comparitively.

But yeah... thanks for making such a nice song - I doubt I could have made it through the editing stage otherwise (I had to listen to it, oh, about eight times, to make this flash.)


First, i wanna say this: That guys face is messed up.

Now that i have the disrespectful part outta the way, I can focuss on all the amazingly great things about this flash.
The timing, superb, the concept, awesome.
Then there is the music.
It is so good of a selection that i've been listening to it for a while now, and not even realized it was from your flash.
I normaly always have musik on, to help me focus and chill.
and i thought your flash musik was from my player.
It was just that good of a choice.

Deaththe14th responds:

Agreed with his face.
I got a tablet for my birthday, 14th of December, December the 14th.
Death the 14th.... coincedence? :O

ANYWAY! Yeah. Drew the face with tablet.
Obviously didn't come out as planned, but eh...

And man oh man do I love that song as well. I accidentally had it running for a while in the background, heh...

Really Creative!

I'd like to see this as one of those visual effect things on Windows Media Player. You know, the ones that like go with the music.

Deaththe14th responds:

I'm on the forums at the moment trying to find out how to use actionscript the way they do for the audio portal... I want to try to make something neat, where I don't have to, like... go through the song a few dozen times to get timing right -_-

Thanks though

for the file size i wasn't expecting much

But I liked it, I really did... it was quite good i thought, even the angle of the lasers had a different tone to it.. loved it!

Deaththe14th responds:

Thanks for the review - I just wish more people would watch through it... I think the icon, the name, and the start are putting people off.
Oh well. At least I've learned for my next submission (which, by all means, might be later today)