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This started out as an idea for one of my webcomics (yes, I do those too, along with several other things that aren't cartoons if you haven't looked into that yet) which basically became the very final scene to this short, inspired by my favorite genre of dumb old japanamination, the "battle monster" genre. I did have way too much fun with the villain, and it shows in how much nicer her art is than anything else in the cartoon, which ultimately only has a single real joke.

P.S: I'm still in the market for people who make games. I'd learn how if I had an up-to-date version of Flash. Anyone who'd like to collaborate, I am guaranteed to be enthused. ENTHUSED!!

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I love it! Get such a kick out of Verminetta.
I also loved that pun...Dreadzeppelin? LOVE IT.

Nice video, fun, goofy dark humor. Not his best work, but cute and interesting -- I prefer The Fear Hole and Mortasheen.

Now, to comment on the music choice. For the credits, he uses the opening to NaruTaru, which is strongly recommended for people who prefer their take-downs of the "Mons" genre less "Goofy dark humor" and "Oh sweet merciful fuck, that's awful." For reference, the anime stops halfway through the manga's full storyline because much of what came after outright couldn't be aired on television, and it's by the same guy who wrote Bokurano -- which is by far the more televisable and less disturbing work.


I think Verminetta might be my new favorite supervillainess. You should totally have her attack Parasol Labs. You could do a lot with a villain in control of an army of robo-parasites. And please tell me she's got some sort of human-attacking Leucochloridium minion or a Sacculina bomb, because that would be awesome!


Very nice,good pun too,"I'll never leave your side" and then it turns into pancreatic cancer.Very nice!


5/5 10/10 I loved the way the bug ladies ass wiggled. Good ending for once I didn't see that coming. I'll never leave your side! He sure won't