Portal: Cube

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Portal: Cube is an old animation I made back in july (08) and I just fished it out again and managed to finnish it up and fix some bits, and now it is ready to submit. Just incase its not clear, this animation is about a guy playing portal, who refuses to incinerate their companion cube, and they are sending it on an infinate loop. Little do they realise, as their precious cube flies, its gathers momentum, and is eventually thrown into the open incinerator behind. The player then realizes that that makes the door open, so the player then uses the "impulse 101" cheat and uses the gravity gun to pick up the companion cube from the incinerator but finds that the door shuts. They drop the cube back into the incinterator, walk through the door, then suck it up from there. They then walk towards the exit, with their companion cube, but then it gets vaporised on the Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grill. Vote fairly, leave reviews (I will respond to them all) and enjoy the movie!

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i like nooooooooo song


i like it...i really like it. there could have been better graphics, but i really liked it!

Awwww dude...

I was really expecting a lot more from the "tetris 2009"guy, because the peices were glossy and the lines were... straight. I really want to see more from you, and every good animator poots out some shitty animation at their start, but it was NOT the animation. If you could just make the backdrop/ icons a bit more sleek or cartoon-y or whatever, then we have a great animation right there. It was kind of a nice story too...


The animation, was "ugly". You need to improve, ALOT!


andy70707 responds:

what do you mean by ugly? And this is a few months old BTW.


The animation could have been better. Next time, do better artwork and don't write the complete storyline in about section. :)

andy70707 responds:

Yeah, fair points, I guess I though people wouldn't understand it.

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4.39 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
2:50 PM EST