Drugs Are Fun!!!

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Prepare for a magical journey through a land of prancing elves and dancing unicorns. Follow the rainbow to the sunshine pool and sing a song with a fuzzy bunny.


top 20?

Havent been on the portal for months, and the quality of these entrys just keeps getting worse and worse. Used to have alot of professional quality stuff in the top 20, but this is just shit. I guess all the good animators got real jobs.

The Epic Tale of Human Stuggle

If we place a rat in a cage for one month with two months food and two months water he will die in a week. This is a sign of stupidity. If we place a man in a cage for one month with two months food and two months water. He will live or die. Whether or not he survives dictates whether or not he has sense. This, however, is not a sign of civility. If you place two men in the cage for one month with two months food and two months water the degree in which they interact defines civility. The incivility of the other is not a factor in this because civility is dictated by one’s ability to control the forces within oneself and not succumb to malevolent influences, both foreign and internal, in order to save those around you from those same forces.

What does that have to do with this movie? I'll be zen and say figure it out for yourself.


i find that hard to believe all the animation is tweened not very hard to do you only had to draw 2 pictures and make one small adjustment to one of them this movie is gay how is it in the top 20? i dont understand how such a simple animation could be so great i could have done a piece of shit movie like this in 2 days so will you try to cuss me out like the guy before, tough guy? i will be waiting for a response hahahah

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SomeCrackhead responds:

I didn't spend months on this. That was a joke. In reality, it was closer to fifteen minutes. I find it rather amusing that you are proud of the fact that it would take you TWO DAYS to produce THIRTY SECONDS of poorly drawn characters flying around in random directions. As for you, I hope your intestines are torn out by a pack of wild niggers after they find you trying to have sex with their kitchen appliances.

Good day, sir, and remember to eat plenty of batteries.

You Have Got To Be Shitting Me

People actually find this steaming pile of shit amusing? No way. Drugs are garbage, and even if you're a derelict and you like drugs, which makes you a sack of shit also, you can't honeslty say that this is a decent movie.

Tell me you were high when you made this...

Nope, it was crap, add some sound and stuff, can't believe it is ranked so high...

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3.86 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2002
3:22 PM EST