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Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


man, i remember coming across this back when it came out, really sad that it's still more relevant than ever.

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Woah I finally get to live my dream of being the modern day hitler! <3 My nose right now :^)

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You forgot to add the nukes that Israel has but for some reason no one ever mentions and instead prefer to talk about the "nukes" in Iran and the nukes that North Korea is making for very good reasons.

am livng an israel too an haifa you now i really fall bad for thos guys an gaza )=

It shows what really happens

Israel dont want peas, they want to kill every Palestinian.

And eyalerez, stop talking this bullshit, you have no idea about whats happening in gaza in your name.
I was theyr.

Stupid Idiots like you just support killing of chilldrens, destroying of future usw.

People in Gaza have fear from terrorists (aka Israel), not Idiots like you!!!

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