Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


Short and fun

This game was fun. Maybe the sequel can be raid Iraq and you play with the USA.

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whats with all the negative comments?

great little game that does take poke fun at the hipocrasy of the israeli/ palestinian conflict. i dont see how people dont understand the meaning behind this game, its just trying to show the unfair nature of the conflict so thanks a lot to raidgaza for making this.

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Funny as hell

I love your satire. Personaly i believe we should take our aid from isreal, i.e. weapons armor, attack vechicals and dare i say misplaced nukes from the and let it be a fair fight. FREE PALISTINE. NO MORE BLOOD DIAMONDS.

Lots of fun

What is with all the stupid righteous haters spitting political bullshit. The point of the game is to bomb the nearly defenceless city. Its fun, its funny. its ridonculous, its satire. Chill the fuck out, The dude made a fun little game that has to do with current event and put it on a website. Hes not trying to change the damn world. Get off ur high horses people. Man its hard to get a highscore. anyone hold the secret? Also it may be better if there was an upgrade to get stuff to cost less.

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Political, controversial, and serves its purpose.

I look at all the fighting between both sides of the argument in the comments, and I just shake my head, because they're missing the point. This game was meant to provoke emotion and discussion. Not all games are "happy fun time".

The conflict on both sides is wrong, however, I would be upset too if I was forced off my land and treated like a prisoner. Right now the attacks by Israel are VERY disproportionate, killing hundreds of innocent children and citizens. The more they bomb citizens, the more Palestinians will hate them. Israel has shut down borders, blocked aid, attacked U.S. journalists, bombed schools, and has publicly declared its intents to remove the remaining Palestinians it cannot control.

I am not anti-Semantic. I am anti-Zionist. There is a large difference. People blast the maker of this game for not knowing what goes on over there. Well, I do. I've seen the videos. Israeli bulldozers destroying innocent peoples home. Helicopters firing missiles into residential streets and coming back for a second pass. Children dying from shrapnel. Constant sniper fire from Israeli guard posts into streets where children play.

So much blood has been shed over these people's gods and their precious holy land. It makes me sick.

Why should the Palestinians, who had nothing to do with the Holocaust, have to constantly suffer as a result? It makes no sense. If the Jews are entitled to their own "homeland," how come the Palestinians aren't entitled to their homeland as well? What makes it ok to uproot and displace hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, essentially wiping Palestine off the map? Nothing within the bounds of humanity would justify such an act.

The "Right of Return" states that all refugees that have been displaced may return to their homes. This does not exist for Palestinians. Palestinians are often denied the right to return to their homeland while simultaneously, Jews from around the world leave their home country to live on stolen land. By definition, it could be argued that many of these Jews are not refugees, as many are of European descent whose ancestors converted many years prior. Meanwhile, these Palestinians who have lived on and worked their land for eons are being forced out and into refugee camps for decades at a time.

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)