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Raid Gaza!

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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


despite the sad fact of the current situation in gaza, the game made laugh a lot :D

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Israel was promised to the zionists long before ww2

Pretty much all wars are started with the stronger country conducting a false flag attack on its own people to justify it.

Every war I can think of has been funded and backed by the same people, for the same purposes: Population control, profit through arms sales, profit through construction contracts after the war. If countries are not meant to be rebuilt, as was the case in vietnam, the wars are then prolonged as long as possible. (for arms sales). During wartime, large corporations like haliburton profit immensely through government contracts which are paid for by the people.

Virtually everything you're told and expected to believe is undoubtedly a lie, I hope some people do see that.

Rothchilds will one day burn


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it makes war fun, and im all for that


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People don't really know much do they...

Superman1985, I spent 10 hours yesterday watching a livestream from Gaza City, and this "Isreali ground strike" is bombs and rockets from what I've seen. Sure there was automatic fire, but a lot more explosions.

Also, 42% of the people who died, are women and children.
900+ died, 3600ish wounded.

Oh yeah, Isreal is trying REALLY hard.

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Seems like an accurate depiction

You know, I do have friends who lost their families in gaza recently. There are israeli leaders who do believe there is no such thing as palestine, and that palestinins never existed. As far hamas goes, those are merely people who once lost family members of their own and decided to take political actions in there hands. You could add the egyptian president too, have a guilt meter on there so that when it goes down, you have to feed him money in order to make sure no palestians escape to egypt.

Israel throws the word "terrorists" around to make people agree with them. Yet, Israel has Israeli settlers who act just like hamas since they lost family members themselves, and because they truly feel that land belongs to them. I guess having a zionist lobby in the US does make a difference.

By the way, there are several Israelis who do have human rights protests against the political agressions, and said most of what I said on this post . So yes, I do have israeli friends, palestinian friends, and we do share the same beliefs. I'm palestinian too.

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