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Raid Gaza!

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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah I love this game

Finally get to do something about the Hamas bastards =p
"We will not forgive you for making us kill your sons."
Prime Minster Golada Meir addressing the Arab nations.

Israels given Hamas enough chances, truces and ceasefires, most of which Hamas broke =p. Hell the only reason None combatants are dying is because the Terrorist Cowards are using them as shields, so if you want to bitch and moan on how Israel is suck a bad nation, then remember who is apposing them ^^

Now you rant and rave about justification... it is a war, it is the least civilized thing on this Earth, and I and many others say, good. Let the Hamas bastards die, and if Civilians die Fi aman Allah (Goodbye, in Arabic), blame the fuckers who used them as shields while attacking other Civies.

^^ now, if you do respond to this in your usual snobbish way remember... you took a side, you have to stick with that side and then know it is the wrong side. If you feel so passionate for Hamas using human shields then attacking Civilians, then go over there and join them.

Shokran (thank you) for being such a coward and supporting those who believe that Woman don't deserve any place in society, that those who have the most guns rule (Hamas politics, if you didn't know, run that way [Look at their fuckin' history])

If your horrified as a human being at the killings, don't make a game about it trying to be funny, don't protest against it... instead actually try doing something that would work... like, oh, I don't know... not support the Terrorist who call them selves Hamas, al-Qaeda and the many others, instead, become a policeman/woman, join the Salvation Army, the UN, or god knows what other humanitarian groups, because I think there's enough out there.

So, all in all, don't waste my wasted time with your Political Beliefs, fill it with a story how you handed out water to people who have none, loaded hundreds of pounds of food cases onto trucks for those who were starving, or how you saved a poor little boy from a fire. Because there are millions of people with the same view as you, but their actually doing something useful, trying to help all of Man Kind, not just one group.

So to you I say, Saba'a AlKair (Good Morning)
And finish off with, you can not fight and win against me using what you've said before, I lived in Gaza, I speak Arabic, and I've seen more then you will ever see...

raidgaza responds:

Obviously I have no idea of telling whether you actually lived in Gaza or not. I have no idea of guessing whether you really are Arabic or if it's just a pretense, a guise that will legitimize your view of the conflict. The constant use of Arabic in your review does strike me as a ploy, like a silly attempt no Arabic person would actually use. I haven't seen Israeli's posting "Shalom" here to prove they're from Israel, obviously.

That aside, you are suggesting I'm passionate about Hamas using human shields, you say I'm a coward, you say I support Hamas. You're trying to provoke me by putting words into my mouth. Of course, it works, I'm provoked, but if you want to discuss something with me, don't be dishonest.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

o yeah bestist

very intertaining will keep palying over and over

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Voice Out

Cheers to the author of the game showing the disproportionality of the force used in this conflict. I had to register as a member and write a review or opinion on this. Who knew Newgrounds was an arena for political debate.

Living in Asia, i will never know what is the true situation over there and rely on media reports to have any idea what is happening. From the reports, this aggression by Israel is overdone. Being an army officer before, I learnt about Geneva convention and the law of armed conflict. We are all born as humans and we must act humanely and use force as proportionally as possible. I want to ask all Israelis whether their army commanders on the ground really did whatever they could to prevent collateral damage or civilian casualties???? With all the techonology and intelligence they have, can't they do a much better job. Maybe the reports from hamas is biased but definitely many civilians have perished in this conflict.

Another point is whether Israel use proportional force to deal with the matter. Its in the law of armed conflict that you must use the right amount of force against your enemy. What i have seen in the media is similar to Israel using a flamethrower against an enemy with a fly swatter.

I am neither for Israel nor Hamas. I just want to point out that even in war, there are rules that when followed can reduce the sufferings of innocent people caught in the conflict. If Israel continues to fight in such a way, there will be more and more hatred bred and the conflict will never end.

Hope everyone who reads this can stop surfing and offer a prayer for those who died in this conflict wherever they can from.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

So very true. . .

Most everyone else who reviewed this game is either an idiot who can't understand satire (3hab123) or just an idiot. This game is exactly how the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict" works.

PS - Israel isn't even a real country, it was essentially created by the UN in 1948. Bet most of you didn't know that.

raidgaza responds:

That's irrelevant - many argue that Palestine never has been an actual country either. That's not a reason to kill and maim the other side.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Isreal out of Palestinia

nice short political game you got there son.
Very retro styled, i like that. And for the political part: Allah arakbar or something.
or jihad! hurr...
Great game though, always nice with a good game and a real concept to go with.

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