Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.



Israel may have killed more people but When the terrorists stop bombing them they will stop the attack. This is about Gaza terrorists not civillians. ITs unfortunate that civillians get hit but Hamas are using human shields to prevent them beinging targeted they are hiding in schools so that when Israel say " Bollocks to getting attacked we have to defend our selfs" hamas will look all moral when in fact they are a bunch of Cowards who need to hide behind Children to feel tough. Im sorry if you are in Gaza being bombed by people who you have likly grown up to hate but eventually someone has to stand up to Terrorists. America has done it and no1 likes it , Britian has done it and no1 likes it and Now isreal are doing the same, but in the future our children and there children will look on these events and be able to see them objectivly. And hopefully they will relise that israel and anyone who stands upto bullys was right to do so

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yo pesonally i realy dont care if this game wus called raid israel.. or raid usa or what eva country... i like the game but i bet u would be very pissed if othercountry wus attacking ur country and ur fellow cittezens were dieing and they made a game about it.. sooo if this game wusnt bout 2 spesific coumtries i would give it 8 stars but sorry dude... i mean i would be pissed if my country wus under attack =/ peace out guyz ...

raidgaza responds:

OK, that's it. My next game will be called "Nuke Turkey - Because That Would Really Piss Off The Turks".

Shame on you

This is NOT something to be laughed about.

This review was written from Israel. Try to live here for a week and then we'll see what you say.

You are beshamed by the people of Gaza and Israel as one.


This game obviously offers a very serious and thorough way of judging the conflict - "whoever killed more people is the bad guy".
The palestinians have been launching missiles on CIVILIAN targets in israel for 8 years, without any major retalitaion. This is not a war effort, or "opposition", these are pure acts of terrorism, since no military installation was ever targeted. The only reason these missiles are not "kill effective" is the lack of technology, not becuz of lack of trying- remember the horrifying suicide bombers of the early 2000s(which only stoppped becuz of Israel's strong security).
Israel, on the other hand, is hitting only Hamas related targets- missile factorys, launchers and headquarters. Yes, there r civilian casualties, as the Hamas keeps using civilian buildings as hideouts. There were even incidents where the Hamas were found smuggling weapons in ambulances and TV marked veichles. This way of using their own people as "human shields" and propaganda materials clearly shows Hamas' strong virtue of valuing human life.
I wonder what casualty number on the Israeli side would make the recent Israeli attack as "justified"- 10 killed? 40 killed? 150 killed? Try to answer this question while considering that these people r ur friends, relatives, family.
Oh, but i forgot - "violence only begets more violence". So i guess Israel should just sit tight and wait until Hamas also accepts this concept.

raidgaza responds:

"wonder what casualty number on the Israeli side would make the recent Israeli attack as "justified"- 10 killed? 40 killed? 150 killed? Try to answer this question while considering that these people r ur friends, relatives, family."

What about Palestinians, don't they have friends, relatives, families? You can relate to Israelis, but not to Palestinians, how come? They're probably considering the same question. When Hamas fires Qassam rockets, how does that differ from Israeli air raids in your opinion? Palestinians do this for the same reason as Israelis - for revenge.

You Taught an important Lesson

Don't fuck with israel if ypu have no land, or can't keep up with a country constantly defending itself. And if you don't wanna get killed off, it's also not a smart idea to be launching missiles! Thanks Raidgaza!

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Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)