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Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


Funny game

Intersting and painfully close to the truth about what is going on in gaza. Good game, fun concept, but maybe make the timelimit longer. XD

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Good for a quick laugh. I liked the elevator music in the background, it really helped to set the tone. :)

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great game

all out great game, and also I agree with Kurusunami, people sholdent critisize a game because it contains a controvesial topic, jezuz

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And you're a troll.

What's this? Someone who hasn't passed his third grade spelling test trying to act like he's watched the news? Learn to talk coherently. People might start trying to take you seriously. Funny how, near the end of your message, you sink into the exact same description of people killing for fun, or more to your message, an inherently violent group that kills constantly. YOU don't get it do you? It's a joke. A goddamn joke. It's a game. Anyone who gets this fired up about a joke on a site that's known to be recklessly disrespectful with its parodies should be shot. True, this war isn't exactly fun. People die, rockets fly around, etc etc. But here's an author that tries to lighten it up and present the funnier side of it, and you flame him for being himself. You must live a very humorless life. And I guess I do too, having wasted my time on a troll, a noob troll who needs to lern2internet, no less.

As for the game, good job, dude. It's a little... Non-politically correct, but it's decent fun, and a good minigame to blow a few minutes on. I got the "This is incredible... Are you the messiah?" rating, btw. Controversy, yes, so I'll just take a neutral stand here... Coulda used a bit more depth, but it's a minigame, and it was polished and arcade-y. Funny too.

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your game shows your ignorance of whats actually going on, as israel attacks only
strategic areas with as little civilian casualties as they can,
(such as in the current operation Israel gave a 2 minute warning to people inside the building they bombed) and hamas fires rockets at civilian targets with the intent of killing civilians that did them no harm, and they hide in hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, and civillian homes only so that when they die they can create propaganda by showing pictures of dead palestinians to shock the world and create people like you that think israel is the ultimate devil.

but to be fair im giving you an 8 for good gameplay

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)