Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


political crap

I love how Americans are so gung ho about catching osama bin laden when he does 1 terror attack and gets away thanks to bush, but after Israel gives away the gaza strip and they use it as a pad to launch terrorist strikes at Israel they have no right to defend their citizens. I would go on some spheel about how people should take neither side but honestly who cares.

As for a political game, other than being mildly offensive to anyone it was kinda boring. I am surprised you didn't do something like change the phone to sexual favors. I guess that woulda made it a bit "too" offensive right?

Ok game, ignorant people

The game was ok, it is too bad that it is overshadowed by the general ignorance of the people reviewing this game.

How soon we forget about the genocidal atrocities committed against the Jewish Palestinian at the hands of these "great heroes" starting back in early 1900 under the fatwa of the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussaini, the father of modern terrorism and the suicide bomber. How we forget the passover massacre, the attempts to recreate the Armenian Genocide against the Palestinian Jews. Whole families being dragged out into the streets and being butchered as a signal to the other Palestinian Jews as to what was going to happen to them. How we forget the bombings, the rapes and murders at their hands. How we forget how the Palestinian Arabs sided with Adolf Hitler and the building of Auschwitz style gas chambers, which still stand today in Syria, for the hope that the coming "Final Solution" to Palestine. How we forget that these Palestinian Arab have been violently evicted and eliminated by every other Arab country due to their murderous and violent ways and only by Israel have they had a place in the Middle East were they have received any form of tolerance.

How we turn a blind eye to the PLO's and Hamas's involvement in the Sudan and Darfur, where their soldiers first learn to cut their teeth by slaughtering non-Muslim Africans. The fact that they would rather have thier people starve then use the billions of dollars they have received over the years to help support and strengthen their people, rather then relying on the Israeli education and health care system to cover it.

With all the crimes against their fellow Arabs, Muslims, Africans and the rest of this world I just don't understand why the Palestinian Jews just don't grind us under the treads of their tanks long ago for if the situation was reversed we would only be speaking about the Palestinian Jews as a distant memory as they surly have been trying for over 80 years to kill them all.

I feel sorry for my people as I know that there are many good people there, my friends and some family I am still trying to get to come to the US, but as long as they are being run by madmen, liars and genocidal maniacs who have no concern for my people and people like you are justifying this, there is no hope. I am glad I am in the US as if I had said any of these truths there, I would have been tortured to death by these so called heroes. It is sad.

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Meh. Too political., and a crappy game to boot.

Did that guy down there ask for a money cheat? (Build HQ, call for "AID")

You made this far too political, and forgot that people like me don't come to newgrounds to do anything political past laugh at satire. This war is happening now, and you are making a mockery of all those who are STILL DYING. Now, if you are going to simulate a Gaza war game, make it that, a game. This is a statement against Isreal, or maybe a rampage against Gaza, but not a game. (I do not support what Isreal is currently doing in Gaza, don't get me wrong)

Games with political undertones are fine, movies about politics are fine. But honestly, if it is going to be a game you have to add certan things such as an element of challenge, this is just me clicking things in order to get a imaginary "Palestinian Death Toll" to rise. The game needs a goal, and some challenge to it.

I suggest having Palestinians perhaps firing more than inneffective rockets (however realistic your scenario is, it makes for boring gameplay), and limit isreal's money past "Wait 4 seconds for the call graphic to say something witty"

You could make this a nice little war sim/defense game wiyth a bit more work.

Thank you for your time.

I love it

if this game open's a single person's eyes to what's going on in gaza, the time and effort was worth it.

It was a fun game

It is a not a 10 out of ten because you could do a lot more with it. Like if you beat the game you could put in cheats for money boosts or something like that. once again it was a pretty fun game.

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)