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Raid Gaza!

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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


despite the sad fact of the current situation in gaza, the game made laugh a lot :D

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I wish more games had a message like this, it's good to make people think beyond their blinkered, sheltered existance. Even if a lot of the veiws expressed below are horribly naive and ignorant raising awareness and prompting discussion about a real situation in the real world is never a bad thing.

Perhaps you could do a game on Mr Mugabes continued stranglehold on Zimbabwe?

The game itself is well thought out, the graphics are good, control system couldn't be better and the music and SFX are adequate. My only critsism is that it could have been harder, but i'm guessing that would have detracted some what from the point your making.

Personally i see the situation at the moment as comparible to the IRA bombing the UK to achieve it's aim of a unified Ireland. The situation was not resolved with the UK taking military action against the Republic of Ireland.

Maybe it's time the Israeli's learned never to give a Palestinian good cause for revenge.

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They Started it...

Israel has a right to defend itself and take care of the trash that lives in the Gaza Strip...

FACt: September 13, 2005, When Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip in an effort to make peace with those lovable Palestinians, the first thing they did upon seeing the greenhouses left there by Israel which had alot of herbs, for medicines and foods growing... they stripped it clean and looted them... They caused their own hardships...

FACT: Hamas is still a terrorist organzation that seeks the destruction of Istrael and is paid for by Iran and Syria.

I understand this Flash video is nothing more than propaganda to say Israel is at fault... but everyday those lovable Palestinians have done nothing to help themselves but launch rockets into Israel... Its time for a spanking. I support Israel in combating Terrorism.


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Oh noes!!!

An Israeli is dead... buh can't we all just get along... I can't believe I just said that, hahaha!
Still that's politics for you!


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Don't be naive@henrybrice

Again and again I find some narrow minded people comparing Israel's operation and Hamas's rocket. Especially the complaint of one of the reviewer here (henrybrice) that Hamas is not building bunkers and early warning system for protecting Gazans is based on a shallow understanding of what is going on.
There is this thing called asymmetric warfare. Hamas strives to achieve greater popular support through this war and Israel strives to diminish Hamas's rocket firing capability. They are trying to achieve asymmetric goals through asymmetric means.
Both Israel and Hamas employs techniques at their disposal to achieve their goals at the same time trying to spoil the others plan.
In its attempt to achieve its goal of eliminating Hamas's rocket firing capability, Israel uses its modern military to destroy supply, manufacturing infrastructure, stockpiles and human resource of Hamas. Just the way it is doing it right now. So far we know it has at least killed two important Hamas officials. The reduction of Hamas's stockpile, supply line and manufacturing capacity is yet to be clearly known.
As to Hamas all it needs to do is make sure that as much proportion of the Palestine causality as possible is civilian population to trigger public anger against Israel and support for Hamas. The technique of hiding its assets around civilian structures is in line with this technique. The result of this is demonstrated by the increasing high turnout of ant-Israel protests around the world. The likes of Hamas and Hezbollah thrive on such popular passion for their continuing existence and growth; such passion is their ultimate source of money and recruits.
Israel understands Hamas's strategy and tries to thwart it by trying its best to minimize civilian causality and it has done considerable effort in that direction by calling the residents around possible targets. Given that Hamas actively works in the line of maximizing civilian causality, Israel's level of success on the ground is questionable.
Hamas for its part does its best to thwart Israel's plan by hiding its assets, especially important personnel. But the loss of its two senior officials demonstrates the difficulty it is facing. Its ability to continue to fire rockets is interesting to note, though.
Chances are both Hamas and Israel will achieve their goals; the rockets will cease to be fired into Israel and Hamas would become more popular than ever. The losers will bill the Palestine authority, Gaza civilians and the so called 'peace process'.

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