Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


you know whats missing?

the possibility to kill both or repacify both parties...
but what ever... It´s a nice little time-waster
also the game-handling and the graph isn´t bad at all!

so 7 stars

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Love it.

Nothing like killing Muslims to make my day all that much brighter. Anywho, it was alright, but kinda boring. And I'm not even going to bother putting down a discussion on the politics. 8 for the limited fun factor.

im not a fan

the game bored me to be honest, i ran out of money and couldnt make any more

kinda pro-palastinien

hmm, i'm israeli, and i love parody etc.
and this game was pretty funny

BUT, i expected a parody on both sides... silly me.
so it turns out into some kinda pro-palastinien "israel is massacering them" propaganda thing in the end imo...

it's like... the missiles from gaza don't land anywhere near shderot, while in reality, they land in kindergardens there (happend today for a fact).
israeli casualties are at a minimum since they go into shelters every 5 minutes.

anyway, i'm taking this too seriously i guess, but just look at the other comments... they take what they see in here as facts =/

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raidgaza responds:

yeah... it's not really a parody though. it's satire.

Funny as hell

I love your satire. Personaly i believe we should take our aid from isreal, i.e. weapons armor, attack vechicals and dare i say misplaced nukes from the and let it be a fair fight. FREE PALISTINE. NO MORE BLOOD DIAMONDS.

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)