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Raid Gaza!

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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 30, 2008 | 12:24 PM EST

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Go Raid 'Em.



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i am an israeli citizen! i live in tel-aviv so i understand this problem better then most of the people who thinks that my country is a terorist countey and that the IDF are a bunch of murderes.....
fot the last 14 years missles have been raining on us from GAZA and Lebanon, in this country we live in constant fear that one day a terorist will jump on a bus and blow himself up or a car bomb will destroy our house..... my point is that we are a loving and moral country and you are an idiot for thinking to know all about what is happening in this country!!!


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the palestines fire numores missles and artillary at israel and they fire them from civilian buildings,schools and hospitals and since we defend ourselfs were monsters?
and your also stupid beacuse an apache dosn't drop a guided bomb


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I honestly don't get you people...

Most people don't know a thing before they open their mouth.
Show me another country that sends planes with fliers saying "Please evacutate this area since we are going to retaliate for the last offense" 60 minutes before a bombardment? Or the fact that the food, medicine, power and water come from Israel?
Why won't anyone say anything about what happened with Russia a year ago? Not all Gaza people are bad, I am sure, but their leaders are rotten to the core. Just like Kadafi they fire missles from residential areas so we would hit them back and hurt civilians. Me, myself I belive Israel should send Guerilla to kill only the terrorists themselves, but that really is not possible.

But okay, let's say you are right, we should not attack. What then? When will they stop firing missles, raping women from near the border, kill 2 month old babies? When we give them their land? Please... If we have to give them the land, Americans should give their lands back to the Indians, and whoever ever settled anywhere should give it up for the original settlers. But alas, the world is not like that, for 100,000 years humans fought for territory, what's so different now? Atleast compared to the other cases, Israel does not annihilate Gaza. Actually Israel, and it's citizens don't want Gaza, they can have it, and just like 10+ years ago, we can live in peace, but they won't want that, so what should anyone do?

So please, know your facts before you all speak up. Come here, with a blank slate, and look at both sides equally. I wonder who'd stab you (Unless you say "I am here to photograph you suffering for the world to see"), just like the case with that christian nun 3 months ago.


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The game is too short.

2 Grads just landed in my town. seriously.


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i dunno...

listen if you're so much against israel that your gonna make games about it why not adda some realistic facts such as it's not one missiel versus alot it's 100+ missiles a day

raidgaza responds:

"realistic facts" - as in, not real but appearing to be real? The truth? 8 years of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel - 28 dead Israelis. That's a real fact though, maybe not what you were after?