Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


People are taking this wrong

What you people have to understand is, this is not a 'humor' game. The maker thinks that Israel's actions are kind of exaggerated, and he has made a game trying to show the world his point of view. The creator obviously does not think Palestinians or Israelis dying is funny. And really, anything that makes people debate about this conflict is good

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Fun and educational.

I went into this with my angry Liberal pants on tight, especially since it's from Newgrounds, but then saw how well it summarizes the situation so I couldn't be angry at it long. The truth of it all made me feel a bit saddened that this is pretty much happening in real life.

And, it's actually filled with quotes and facts from non-biased sources so it seems it's more to educate than just to cash in on the insanity.

I salute you creator, for making a political statement that serves to educate instead of just using a current event as a vehicle for hits.

raidgaza responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it.

fuck those israeli swine FUCK THEM...

oh my god israelis are such shitty people, i dont understand how you can have something so horrible done to you, and just turn around and do it someone else, if your retribution doesn't come now it will come in the after life...GOd will show you the error of your ways... there was a reason those filth were cast out of the holy land

great game

i just joined newgrounds just to say thast this is a great game make part 2

Very well done

Just absolutely hilarious to play, good job!

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)