Raid Gaza!

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Go Raid 'Em.


Good game

I liked the satire as much as the game itself. Very good job.

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Game is good but bias

I've given the game a 6. It would have been 7 but your game poses itself as educational when it is in fact bias.

As a Politics students I can appreciate different view points, and the entire conflict in and around Gaza is one where you will find many viewpoints. However I personally find it distasteful to try and say one side is right and the other was wrong.

If you saw you neighbour wheeling a huge missile into their garden and pointing it at a neighbouring country would you inform the authorities? I hope so. Yes the Israelis are gung ho about things (who can blame them being taught by Americans...) but don't forget they are a tiny country surrounded by multiple enemies a lot of which have been quoted (quotes from speeches in fact) as saying they wish to see Israel and it's people wiped off the face of the earth. If your country was surrounded by such enemies I'm sure you'd want to take action.

It is a case of 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Both sides have their faults, those Hezbollah rockets don't always miss and I can guarantee they don't miss for lack of trying.

The game is good but simple, a small diversion that is nicely made, just either make clear this is your viewpoint or actually be less bias and I wouldn't have a problem with it.

quite sad

For anyone below who has ranted and raved about this game I believe you have missed the point that was being made...
this game was used as a satire for the war much as a lot of satire was made about the vietnam war before it. this game was obviously not meant to be funny and the the general jollyness that is portrayed is used for satire purposes not as a means to get a laugh out of it.
This tactic is used quite often by a lot of organisations. A member of PETA for example uses jolly looking games in order to preach about the evils of the fur trade and carnivourism. the irony being that I found THAT more offensive than this. personally I do not agree with this method of proving a point as I feel that is exploitive and overbearing yet I personally have no problem with it being on a public site and belive me I am a very opinionated person.
So therefore please dont just flame him....
this is a website promoting free speech is it not?

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While I hated it, I loved the game. Is was loads of fun sending in my forces to deal with the Palastine Scum. And people are WAY too political and many just think they can spout their beliefs about. As I say that, I must apologize for hypocrisy. The "civilians" being killed in the attacks Israel launches are harboring missle sites in their backyards. You don't want an angry jewish person knocking on your door with a tank, don't let Osama bin-Dumbass launch rockets on your property. And 1qsc, dude, seriously, you need meds.
All I'm saying is learn your history, look into both sides, and then make an opinion. It's not right that Israel is killing civilians, but the Palastinians need to make a stand against the terrorists who kill Israeli civilians in order for there to be any progress
But, like I said on top, I kinda liked the gameplay. All they needed was a picture of Bush and Obama arguing and it would've gotten a ten from me


I love the tongue-in-cheek "it's all a joke" style you took and then you whip out the "BUT WAIT REAL PEOPLE ARE DYING :OOO"

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3.02 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
12:24 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)