Blush Your Teeth

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This is not a story this was just a thing until I said fuck it. IT'S DOPE ON PLASTIC!

Last flash this year. YEAH I SWEAR. Let's go now and celebrate the NEW YEAR!


i just remembered

i have actually to brush me teeth

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very nice

10/10, watching this while your drunk or on drugs must be awesome! i agree Canas, i have odd dreams like this too!

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The post-decapitation body reminds me of Beefaroni.


w...t...f... TEN OUT OF TEN SHOOP DA COOLIO MOVIE BRAH!!! you should do more like this brah

What can I say

I watch this movie twice a day.

That's quite okay, i'm a bit fucked myself you might say. I'm also not planning on rhyming throughout this entire review. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this flash movie that has me so intrigued, but I think in all honesty it reminds me of my dreams. If one were to cartoonify and film the inside of my mind, something like this would most certainly be there on a nightly basis. How you managed to actually portray this not only in the sense of DRAWING it but the actual animation, (complete with wobbly buildings, occasional extra limbs, and blood and guts and sugarplumb rainbows) is completely astounding.

One of the things that I find common in some of your movies, and the one aspect that really creates the dreamlike feel is the constant inclusion of unnecessary plot points. The direction of the flash, and of the "main characters" so to speak seems to change so rapidly that by the time my brain processes the next task i.e (free liquor) i've already forgotten the first. That's what dreams are like, a never-ending series of problems. These things really should be stressful, and Bl(r)ush Your Teeth is no exception to that.

Of course, there's the other side. The side that always seems to watch your flashes when i'm extremely blitzed out of my mind. The correlation between drug use and something with such a high degree of creativity will always be in question. All I can say is

send me the shit you're eating

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4.43 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
11:43 AM EST