Charger Escape

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Can you help transform an ordinary horse into a magical unicorn, and then into a winged pegasus?

Only then can you help this amazing Charger Escape from the barn and realize its true potential!

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Technically, unicorns with wings are called alicorns.

The game was overall easy, except the point where you have to click on a star that appears LATER, (after you have gotten the meteor and used the furnace to heat that and turn the horse into a unicorn with the scroll instructions on how to heat that - the heating instructions for the horseshoes is almost unseen on the side of the heater you need to click on what looks like a door near the side/top which is not exactly easy to spot as the crazy star nonsense), between the pigeons and upon clicking that gives you the scoop you need to get the special feed etc. to turn your unicorn into a pegasus. I spent so much time trying to outline the "starlights" that give off from the unicorn's horn stage thinking it was supposed to do something? Confusing! Plus the food laying around is completely pointless! The graphics are nice, but the gameplay is pointless and there is almost no fun to be had with this. I would've given more stars had there been some point to this game other than clicking on things for really no reason at all other than to click and delusionally continue without any sense of normal accomplishment from games with more oomph and play! Sorry.

Could not for the life of me figure out the horseshoe combo for the door . Needs a walkthrough and more clues . Adorable is what makes the rating ,

what did i just witness with my own eyes

I have loved this game for years and played it many times!! I am overjoyed that i could actually find it on new grounds! good job to you!!

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4.10 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2008
3:50 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click