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I hope you all enjoy. this is not my first animation just the first one posted on newgrounds.com If you want to see it elsewhere look for it at Deviantart. Thanks for playing and i hope you enjoy it.

I have to tell you people this becuase a few people are offended. There is a racial comment about jewish people on there. I meant it as a simple gag and nothing more. I'm not racist to Jews. If anything the stick figure is. I thought you guys might have gotten that but i was mistaken...sorry there will not be any racial comments in the sequel.

(yes i am working on a sequel)

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did he flew?

did he flew to china?
but that was a great flash.
that inspired me.
and for your great work,
i shall give you a perfect 10.

shizuka6288 responds:

Why tank u =D

its because your to young to watch this

youre just trying to sneek mature games from ure parents mr.filthydeficator
anyway i think that the game is funny and should improve on like its should be longer and well it shouldbemore challenging like a minigame is the middle

shizuka6288 responds:

Lol written on mah birthday =D


Well this was pretty funny. The Funniest part was when he said you get any dont exersice because i played this game right after i finished an hour of tae kwan do practice. I have seen similar flash games before so this isn't an original concept but really, what is? Every thing we see inspiers us to do things. Also a note "filthydeficator" This is the internet. If you cant stand people mis-spelling things, stop paying for your internet, sell your computer and be happy. Also your one to talk considering the fact that you have not submitted any thing to newgrounds.

shizuka6288 responds:

Excellently said

Are YOU smarter than a fifth grader?

Honestly, I can't even believe this passes for Newgrounds-worthy material. I'm going to pretty much give a 0 or 1 to anything that questions the watcher's intelligence or age while being painfully riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Honestly, I'm not even trying to be a jerk. but if YOU'RE smarter than a fifth grader (see the difference: "you're" is a contraction for the words YOU ARE, and "your" is a possessive pronoun), than you might want to change a few things in this flash. If you don't know the difference between the words your and you're, than you might not be smarter than a fifth grader.

shizuka6288 responds:

Wow what are you a teacher? catch me on every grammitical error why don't you


dame you was genuis

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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2008
11:08 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click