A Cop's Job

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*Read please*

This is a Point 'n Click style game. You play as Bob, the worst cop ever known to man. He's fat, and sucks at just about everything. Help him, as his job is what keeps him from living under a bridge. He's not the smartest lad you'll ever meet, hence why he failed Kindergarten. Twice.

This game took me about 3 hours. It may not seem like alot, if you've ever made a Flash, but I got a lot done. It is kinda short though. The sequel will explain the unexplained, and continue the epic plot. Play through this and tell me what you think. Please finish the game before you review! That's not much to ask, the game is very easy. And yes, I reply to them. Also, you may want to turn your volume up. You'll see when you get in. The music and sounds are very quiet. I turned them down because I worked on this at night. I didn't want to wake up my parents, and my speaker's volume control button got busted.

Thanks, and try to enjoy!


The hand writing is GREAT! Bob was very well drawn (great cop btw), and there was a very good story in there. I cri everytiem. Also, that child was super beautiful.



sure... screamers are fine and all, when other people around you can laugh. but otherwise, it is not. i am very sorry to say, but a screamer makes many people really not like a game. please please dont make a screamer in the game if there is a sequel. also.... you can make a drawing have okay gameplay..... you literally told us how you weren't trying on this one.

Emby responds:

Do you ever realize this when you play a screamer?

You get scared by it, and it sucks. Okay, but then, you can now scare the shit out of your friends...

do you see the irony?

do you see the irony in the fact that you said the sound is low because you didn't want to wake your parents? wonder how many people woke up their parents/spouse/roommates because of these things? :)

seriously, aren't we to the point that these aren't original anymore?

eh, not bad, you did get me a little bit though. I expected it, but I thought it would be later. dropped my guard :P

Emby responds:

Actually, that was a lame excuse I made up. Hehe.

Well, I got you, so I'm happy.


its not too bad i like the style and everything along with it, if only the animation was better then itd be 10 times better! nice try! good job an work on the flash an everything a little more!

Emby responds:

Animation? There was no animation. At least you liked everything else.

Can't read

Hey, I don't want to be harsh, but I couldn't read the text very well. I understand, my handwriting is worse than yours. However, it did make it hard to play through.

Emby responds:

Yeah I know. I'm left handed, so writing/drawing with a right hand mouse is hard as hell.

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3.25 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2008
9:20 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click