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Epic War 2

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Epic War is back, and more epic than ever before! Now with all new artwork, dozens of new units across 3 playable races, dynamic music, a whole new upgrade system, and 3 huge boss battles!

"A" to fire arrows ( 0 - zero to set auto-fire), arrow keys to scroll, space to increase maximum mana, mouse or various hotkeys to summon units

p.s. Please read instructions before you play the game.

Audio artist : Maestro Rage ( Selcuk Bor )
Writer : Edwind Geng ( 6th sage )


Nice game and nice saga, can´t wait to play the rest of it, however you could have made the last 2 levels more challenging.

Awesome!!! Epic battles coupled with the sniping flying enemies is fun! Arrows are weaker than when in Epic War 1. you literally could eliminate massive armies with those. In this one it's nerfed, maybe not enough. I love playing well any race! Annoying to build up the new races though. Too bad there isn't any epic wars that are going to be like this anymore. This is the best one of the five. most annoying unit is totem, always aiming for my ranged and making my paladins fly. Close second is phantom archer cause of the freeze.

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i only played the hacked version so i wanna try it with no hacks

So far...

This is by far the best game besides Epic War 1. I love the story plot, starting out with three leaders uniting to forge a mighty army. best plus I've seen was that the crossbow doesn't hurt your own troops! the only downside is that you have to keep leveling up your equipment during each battle though.

YET, playing as one of three races was an EXCEEDING plus as well, able to play as the orcs, the elves, or the humans. Each one of their titans had it's own unique special attack.

THough I'd have to go with the humans as my favorite race, simply because you obtain two angels instead of one.

Keep making games like this please.

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Fun to play, but...

The story telling side of the game is not perfect, so to speak.
It gets redundant sometimes, and in danger of wearing you out.
Plus some parts (perhaps due to glitches or spacing or editing errors) get confusing some times.
That constant earth-shaking \ thundering noise starts to slowly get REALLY on your nerves.
The arrow is way too strong. Specially when comparing to the 1st game. Most battles I just relaxed and took all enemies out while building mana and upgrades. Taking only one assault afterwards to end the battle. I got the distinct sense that on most battles I could've just stayed there forever just with the arrows.
The 'hovering over fighters' to get their stats doesnt work very well.

Other than that, ok, I liked the backgrounds, I liked some of the conversations and descriptions on the story, I liked playing it.

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Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2008
9:02 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)