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Circle Generator

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Author Comments

This is not a game, and it is not really even a toy, either. It is not just a demo, though; it is a finished product of a generator which, like the physics engine that I made which powers it, could be used for many other things. If I was to put a name to the type of thing this is, I would say it's most like a tool or engine it itself.

The circles are actually comprised by multiple ramps, rotated around a central point.

This was written in AS3 and takes place on a single frame.

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Garbagio Engine, no offense

Real sorry to have to say this dude, but you have two majorly amature glitches in here. Notice that if a ball is at all below a circles midpoint, and then bounces towards it's center off of the top of a seperate circle, it will pass directly through the wall. The same is true for a ball within a circle that has enough force it reach the roofing above it (the upper half of the circle's interior)
A second glitch, balls that land on the top of a circle, and begin to slowly bounce off, may in fact bounce back up a single time before falling down again.

Good luck with the engine.
and if it helps at all, linked an awsome tutorial below
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /448915

shaymus22 responds:

I took a look at some of the stuff the tutorial was talking about...but one thing I noticed was that it's in AS2. This is in AS3...normally I add that to the description, I forgot this time and have done it now.

As far as the glitches you described...because of problems caused by multiple collisions being detected at once, I had to put in a delay between detected hits in the balls. If you know of a better solution to this problem, I'll be happy to hear it, but until then that's the only way I can think of not to have everything go haywire.

Nice start

You cold possibly use this physics engine in a game-- it would work out really well!


Toooo many errors.

1: Balls can disappear within the circles themselves, never to be seen again
2: Somehow, the balls manage to bounce back and forth at incredible speed when they settle atop a circle
3: The physics, well, WHAT PHYSICS? I have the highest grade in my AP Physics class and there is NO WAY there is any legitimate physics going on here
4: Howie sez No Deal

shaymus22 responds:

No...no physics? Top of your AP Physics class, you say?
http://flickr.com/photos/shaymus22/31 44434495/

its a good start

Ok, i like the concept, if you make the orbs falling from the sky collect and get bigger, and be able to move the circles, make some sort of game out of it. Good start though. keep it up!

I kinda like it

Is it completely random? Because on the second time I clicked Reset, I got some big cartoony boobs.

shaymus22 responds:

It is in fact completely random

Credits & Info

1.74 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2008
8:34 PM EST