How Darnell Saved Kwanzaa

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A evil snowman from space arrives on earth to destroy the last remaning kwanzain. The last kwanzaiin happens to be Darnell. Pico, Darnell & Nene must fight off against this evil snowman. Will they survive watch and see.

Alot of time went into this one. Started it when the xmas compo was announced i thin the 28 of november not to sure. I wanted to get more in depth with the story but with so little time I had to do what I could. Im aware this is a huge dbz rip off :P, but oh well. just enjoy it for what it is.

**Warning Be prepared for sum Uber plot twists*


pretty ambitious!

Love the colors and details you added to everything. you can tell alot of work went into this. Couldve have done with alil more animation but what you have there works with the level of shading you added.
The DBZ aspects of it made me laugh.

nice work!

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Gonzossm responds:

Thanks Mindchamber. dbz owns hardcore :P.


It says Darnell saved Kwanzaa... He didn't save shit. I was thinking it was going to be an epic fight. I was all wrong.

Gonzossm responds:

i wanted there to be an epic fight but yea D:
next time ill start an animation a month ahead so it can satisfy everyone.

and the title was named that because i wanted people to be like "wtf" XD


But it was almost completely shots of 2 almost the same frames, but with one having hte mouth of a character open. It was your basic DBZ ripoff. It seems you tried to win us over with the graphics and story, but if you really think of it, animation is about movement, then plot and graphics, and there wasn't much movement.
Plotwise- It's just like any other story where a mysterious, invinsible strong guy comes to a place to kill the last of a group of whatevers, and that last person just happens to be pretty strong but ends up dying because of how strong the mysterious chracter is.
Graphicswise- Great graphics, but really, was it worth it to not be able to do more action sequences that weren't just a bunch of hitting noises and 2 changing frames?

Good job, but do something less graphic intensive, and don't rip off DBZ that much, it's really unorigional.

Gonzossm responds:

I intended this flash to be longer so i didnt feel like making lip syncing for it because that takes to long. So yeah just 2 frames for the talking, I wanted to do more action seqeunces but ya know the deadline. I slaved myself to get this done >.> i guess the story was cliche but eh :). lol what can i say im a huge dbz fan. That franchise is the only reason why im a good drawer. :D

Holy shit!!!

It was awesome!!! The parody on DBZ was so obvious and i think that Nene's dress looks like some Blossom's dress from PPG ^_^

Gonzossm responds:

>.<" I noticed that when i was like half way through it XD. thnx ;)


but he never saved kwanza

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Gonzossm responds:

Lol Shhhhhhhhhhhh. ure giving out spoilers >:O lol.

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Dec 29, 2008
8:33 PM EST
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