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How Darnell Saved Kwanzaa

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A evil snowman from space arrives on earth to destroy the last remaning kwanzain. The last kwanzaiin happens to be Darnell. Pico, Darnell & Nene must fight off against this evil snowman. Will they survive watch and see.

Alot of time went into this one. Started it when the xmas compo was announced i thin the 28 of november not to sure. I wanted to get more in depth with the story but with so little time I had to do what I could. Im aware this is a huge dbz rip off :P, but oh well. just enjoy it for what it is.

**Warning Be prepared for sum Uber plot twists*

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Jah it’s good for sure

Thought the snow dude was Frieza at first lmao, but this is a real badass movie!

Dammit I was really hoping for my main man Darnell to get a sweetass win
Or just use a flamethrower on him (i mean cmon its darnell)
But it wasn't meant to be goddangit...
Oh well
At least it was sick as fuck

I was hopin for my nigga Darnell to make a clapback but that shit aint happen :(