Fable: the Lost Awesome

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My first parody - my first step to being such a good tablet artist as the Ego of Raptor himself. Sounds by Findsounds and/or me.

==UPDATE: I have now done the display pic - Paint seems to be the only program i can do it with at the moment due to complications. Also, I've just got Flash 8 and have re-vamped the animation, added a new joke and improved the pace!


Not so bad...

Give the kid a break guys it's his first time and I don't see any of you making great parodies, now do I? It was a good first try but with anything you have room for improvements. Don't listen to the people just going "Lets leave this kind of stuff to Egoraptor... you clearly can't achieve the same effect as him... " or you will just end up a failure. Just keep trieing man and you'll make it.

4 because of the graphics

it's enough you stole egoraptor's style but stealing he's jokes too even makes it worse...oh jesus christ joke was funny when egoraptor did it....not twiece...the egoraptor style is awsome i really dont have any problem with people doing it cause imitation is the best form of flatering but enough is enough. Nest time try something better since. If im wrong its because your trying to insult egoraptor. Either way it could be better.
Hope to see more and much improved

dalviel responds:

coming from someone called 'Notveryoriginal' ... what's the difference between the joke refereces in this an Awesome's Creed? But fair enough, this is not the final version. Just try not being so hatey...


yeah is good to see people trying things like this but maybe its best if you just leave it to egoraptor.


i dont know


Lets leave this kind of stuff to Egoraptor... you clearly can't achieve the same effect as him... sorry dude.

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Dec 29, 2008
3:57 PM EST
Comedy - Parody