Celes' Male Dress-up 2

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My second dress-up game. Very cluttered due to content and my beginner-level Flash knowledge. I have 192 movable items and it's hard to keep things sorted out. I also originally had this at a width of 950. NG's 800 width limit... forced me to move some things around.

I used the skateboarding music from MGS2: Substance for the music. The little "Sound System" button turns it off, if you couldn't tell.

Tips are appreciated! Though, I will not be editing this submission further.

A female dress-up is coming soon, with better art and selections, as well as less clutter (hopefully).

Hope you enjoy.

[P.S.: Yes, my username is very stupid.]

EDIT: http://sonira.deviantart.
com/art/Male-Dress-Up-2-9 4818920 Less cluttered version here.


Great! But has small flaws...

This is my favorite dress-up game on Newgrounds! Wide variety of clothes and miscellanious stuff, nicely drawn images with good graphics, and it's easy to use for making user images (as I have done). Yet, there is just one thing that bothers me: It's very cluttered. If you expand it a tad sideways, it would be very helpful.


Dress up games are soooooo boring.
This one was kinda good, but still its a dress-up game and it cant be great and you sertanly get bored of seeing em every day.

5 stars- because i have seen worse.

Waayyyyyyyyyyy too cluttered.

You need to remove about half that stuff. Also, for objects that are the same but multiple colours, if you look through tutorials or the flash help file you should be able to find a command that changes the colour of the object so you don't need so many objects.

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crap.... I saw nothin' and it wuz just boring...sry it sucks....really hard...

It was OK.

Awesome stuff in here.
Better then most of the Dress-Up Games I've played on Newgrounds.
There's only a few things in here that piss me off...
#1: Why the FUCK does the screen have to be so big???
Honestly it's a pain in the ass cause if I want some new Shoes on I have to move the screen to the right position!
That seriously Bugs me.
#2: Right when you get on the game the pussy is weeping like a Cry Baby!
#3: Now this is the thing that pisses me off the most...
The first way this bugs me is that if you want to change the eyebrows GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
You mostly end up just movie the fucking body so you have to get it in the same position the get it in the right spot!
And when I wanted to change his pants... Dear GOD.
Do I really want to do this??
I just moved the pants I wanted to him and looked for a spot that I could pick up the pants I didn't want but it was useless.
I quickly changed him.
So Overall it wasn't that bad it just had some things that kinda suck.
So you get a 6.

Chibi-Celes responds:

1. I have a larger resolution so it wasn't a problem in my case, sorry.
2. I just placed some items on the character to alleviate a bit of the clutter.
3. I have limited actionscript knowledge.

Thanks for the input.

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Dec 28, 2008
5:27 PM EST
Gadgets - Dress Up