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Pokemon: Pokemon Champion

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An awesome friend of mine made a badly-written Pokemon fanfiction on purpose, spoofing real bad fictions on the web. And I decided to animate it in Flash, sort of like what they did in the popular "Full Life Consequences" series of videos. And here it is!

Here's a link to the original fiction:
http://www.fanfiction.net /s/4507747/1/POKEMON_pOKE MON_CHAMPION
(remove the space in pOKE MON for the link to work)

Note: I preemptively apologize for alleged low quality audio. The thing is, my microphone sucks, so I can't do much to fix it. Hopefully it doesn't matter much.

Well, I hope you guys like this thing! :)

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I giggled at the written version

But I almost pissed myself laughing at the animated version!

Also, is it just me, or does it seem like whoever was in charge of the CoD Black Ops story line read this?


Cool story bro

good story

why is pikachu fat and nash mum face says mum when he said bye and the crowd at the last battle had homer simspon, peter giffen and mario

Loved it!

The accent sounded like my mother's Brazilian accent! And I fucking lol'd when I saw Mewtwo! Everything was fantastic! Great job! :)