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I never understood why people laughed at things like this, though I will admit, you actually put effort into this video. I may have even given you a star if it wasn't for the content. Let my inform you, since you're obviously too moronic to understand what's going on here. Those babies that you have pictures of are babies that are suffering with a condition known as Harlequin-type Ichthyosis. To answer many of your ignorant questions, no, these are not alien babies. In this disease, the keratin layer in the skin is thickened causing many health related issues. Not to mention, that this is a lifelong condition. It's disturbing that anyone could ever find this amusing, considering that the baby will almost certainly die. There have only been a few known survivors of Harlequin Ichthyosis, but even the survivors have died quite young. The reason why the eyes of these babies are red is because often, harlequin babies are born with their eyelids flipped inside out. The eyelids often bleed. Tell me, would you want your eyes to bleed and your skin to be so thick that it cracks and sheds and makes you overheat? Not to mention you could get infections very easily and you would have to go through long daily routines of skin upkeep or else you would surely die a horrible and painful death. I haven't even begun to describe the horrible things harlequin babies go through. And if you still think this is funny, then you should go to hell.

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The Genre should go under spam submission, as that is the amount of effort that was put into this equates to; there were no attempts to sync the F-Zero music to anything in particular...just a bunch of frames switching out, a spinning central image closing in, and a filter to emulate static.

At least the spam is getting a little more creative than poorly drawn dicks or nazi's, but once again, it tries to gain attention negatively by emphasizing on something offensive or unsettling.

In this case, Harlequin Babies.

It shouldn't be listed to be suitable for all audiences, because in all honesty, you're exposing pictures of babies who are going through agonizing pain...in fact, it's really, really unlikely any of those babies pictured ever lived long enough to walk.

People wouldn't find this flash entertaining even if it were pictures of something significantly less tragic. The sight is ghastly, the suffering that is pictured before us is unimaginable, and the music is down-right inappropriate.

If you are so fascinated with Harlequin Babies, you should make a flash that would actually benefit people, and teach us about the symptoms and cases, medical facts, and inciteful shit about it, or even if just to warn us about the mortality of harlequin babies.

But what you've done here is not only tasteless, but also a waste of time. It makes me question what you were trying to accomplish, but I wouldn't want to encourage you. Encourage someone who gets their kicks looking at babies born with a fatal skin disease to the theme of video game music.

That's my review. To me, this isn't worth anything higher than a zero.

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wow what

was the point of that huh really? dude that is really not cool it kinda fucked up there was no real point to this flash just to post something you think (put what you like about fetuses here) that is really sick and twisted

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Ahhh, yes.

Memories, memories...


lol awesome

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Dec 28, 2008
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