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In Whiflash you play as a golem who joins the Stone Guard to defend his country. Your first mission is to get the POWER CRYSTALS from the caves below the Stone Fort.
Your weapon of choice is the flail which you control freely with your mouse instead of the scripted attacks you normally see.

Runs much better in pop-up mode for some reason

Move: WASD or Arrow keys
Attack: Move the mouse quickly around like a flail
Power-ups: 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys - Press again to de-activate
Use potion: Q, E, 0 OR eat one in the Inventory
Inventory(pause): Space, I, P

This has been in development for about 13 months now on my free time and includes 5 caves to explore, tons of loot and monsters and bosses to kill.


6 shades of Epic

Fuck Yes

This game is AWESOME

The weapon control is awesome
The bosses are fun
and the end bonus is great

well done...

i hated the game, but, my taste doesnt matter, the movement of the character was alright the weapon was pretty darn good, but i think it should have a shorter range(so it would be more chalanging), ill give u an 8, i dont give 10's its rare, keep it up

Great game overall.

I liked the game very much but I have some suggestions:

First of all, more and or better skills.
A Merchant that sells Misc stuff or weapons that change each time you go to a cave and back.
Regenerating health and Degenerating Rage when Idle (People might get angry because of this, but is reality, you can't stay angry for hours without it subsiding)

Anyhow, I loved the game, and I'm waiting for any updates for this game.

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Nice game, some improvements needed

A nice little rpg game, I really liked it but somehow I got tired pretty fast, here's some hints to improve:

Make the flail easier to control: after a while whipping around with your mouse you wish you had some kinda sword instead. Otherwise I adored the looting (auto-collect is awesome). So I guess a 6/10 playability is a fair score.

Sounds: simple but really fits, you can add some more or some music. 7/10.

Graphics are quite simple but I adore the arcade feeling of it, so it's 8/10.

Overall 7/10, you didn't waste your time making a nice little game, try to expand it, work a bit on flail control system (or I'll ask Santa a new wrist), add some sound-music if you wish and please work on a save and load option.
Keep up the good job.

good but...

needs improviments...like :status;mor skills; mor itens and difficult...
but this a good game...hope see mor of your games in the future...

keep it up !!

hatu responds:

Thanks, what I need is more time :P I just had to cut it at some point.

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2008
9:23 PM EST
Adventure - RPG