Pong Awesome!

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Wut if eg0rptor did P0GN!1

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There's not enough slintas to go around, lol. Love your animation!

Almost as funny as...

Two gay elephants raping another dead elephant!!! Or like a slug.... eating another slug... with its dick... FUNNEH!

I love you.

Slintas my good man!

I am kinda obsessed with your movies. There is something about the sickness combined with the hilariousness that makes me keep coming back for more. I laugh every time I see your movies!

Slintas responds:

Haha! Thank you. I'm working on a new one as we speak. Nothing awesome yet though. I know alot of people are expecting something GRAND now that I've got a tablet to work with, and I will make something GOOD, but not just yet. :)


Yeah, I get it, newgrounds should ease off on the shitty awesome rip offs. I guess that's one way of getting the point across. Atleast it was satirical. Good stuff, hopefully SOMEONE will be put off making an Awesome film of their own by watching this (which was his intention, to any trigger happy review reviewers who think I'm calling this submission shit). 3/5 6/10.

AWESOMME hapy birklday ^^ LUL

Sorry Slintas but I don't have a sense of humor and I can't condone your pong awesome movie as it's an obvious insult to our beloved awesome demigod with whom you should all be worshiping.

You're not worthy of taking up the same space as him and he should be on Cartoon Network making the big Bucks. Fuck you!

by the way fived AND favorited. I hate you for making me review again!

Slintas responds:

Hahaha! Best review EVER. No, really! I mean it. ;)
Thanks my good friend!