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My first flash game. your playing as a green shy guy in this quick adventure. the submit score button doesn't work right now so sorry.

Use arrows to move
SPACE - jump


Each step you take - 1 point
Each jump you do - 10 points
each level you pass - 100 points
each coin you obtain - 1000 points

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Hmm, pretty good

This was pretty fun to play because it had such a cute atmosphere to it. I really liked how the graphics really matched up with the Mario games and stuff. My biggest complaint is that it did seem like it was too easy to die at times, especially considering you had no means of defense. I would still recommend this movie because at least it is nice to look at. It was a weird system of scoring, but at least it was different than some other stuff I had seen. Merry belated Christmas or rather, happy early Halloween!

Game by Nick Kouvaris 2005

This isnt your first flash game, you have uploaded someone elses game and posted it here as your own. I like the game but this isnt yours to take credit for.

I mean you didnt even take off the copyright on the menu? How lazy!

By the way this game is available to download as a platform tutorial on a few actionscript tutorial sites if anyones interested.

Cool idea! Some stuff needed work.

Great first game. But if i hadn't known it was your first... i'd say it's just 'okay'.

The idea is fun. I enjoyed trying to beat the levels. However, your collision detection REALLY REALLY REALLY needs work. Don't go for the basic hitTest unless its a really small object. Make little collision boxes inside the character.

Also, the score thing... you can just walk against a wall. I don't really understand how the score system works... is counting their steps a really good way to do this? Perhaps you could have them start off with 100 points per level, minus 1 point every second or something. Same thing applies to jumping, on the first level.

The graphics were pretty good. I don't know if you made them, but if you didn't, you should try and make your own. It's much better that way, even if the graphics aren't quite as good.

The gameplay was fun overall. Again, the collision detection was a let down. Also, I found it slow... we want speeeeed. make it more fast paced!

I think you are really going somewhere with this. One last thing to suggest... the jumps... make them faster and more user controlled: the longer you press space the more he jumps (to a maximum, of course).

Good work. Can't wait to see your next game.


I too just wanted to say this is a great first attempt - and encourage you in further pursuits.

My main suggestion would be add a few more character animations. Really let people feel like he's running and jumping and landing ect... If you can get the main character right, people will forgive enemies and maps and such.

favorable bug

well the game was basic n pretty entertaining altho there where some problems, first it gets prety frustrating getting killed by the enemy when you get barely close to them n second on the third level when you fall inside the pit you can actually walk in place and get a high score without any problem.

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2.92 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2008
11:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other