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This is i the second sprite flash i ever made. the first one i made sucked so i did this one after reading the reviews, i got and did what they said to do. at first i was going to add sound effects but i couldnt find any good ones. so i just threw a song i made in the background . if i somebody could tell me where i can get good sound effects, and if i get alot of reviews saying that it will make the flash much better. i will remake the flash with sound effects.

This flash took me 2 weeks to make, me spending a hour a day. I thought the flash would be longer but i guess 24fps is to fast. i would like if somebody told me the fps i should use. i think i did much better in this flash than my first sprite flash. thanks for reading and enjoy.


I gave this submission a vote of "2"

To be honest, the only thing that I liked about this flash was the background music. The sprite fight was way to dull and had no intensity in it. Next time try to make the characters move faster and use fast camera movements.

nice fight

nice fight

FlashManJR14 responds:


id be more of a three way

this wouldent be a 2 on 2 is all i ahve to say

itachi and sauske would befighting each other according to their story

but who cares

FlashManJR14 responds:

i just picked my favorite poeple from the series and made them fight i had neji nd rock lee fighting but i took them out..,.

Nice music.

Nothing else is good to me though.

FlashManJR14 responds:

thankz now i kno my music is good

Eh, its ok

The battle itself is good, but without a story, there isn't much of a point except for random fighting. You might want to do more than just sprites and try some actually animation. ;)

FlashManJR14 responds:

i do do "actually animation" but i took a break and started useing sprites becuase it looked interesting... im going to try the story thing on my next animation.

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2.68 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2008
9:35 PM EST