Press Start: Side Quest

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Press Start Adventures - "Side Quest"

Zack's sports drink purchase is complicated by a grouchy old hag. Featuring Joshua Stafford (SAINTS ROW 2), George Nowik (CONTRA 4), and Egoraptor!

"Press Start Adventures" is a monthly animated series that follows the live-action videogame parody movie "Press Start", available on DVD at www.PressStartMovie.com.

Some folks have asked why these episodes are a little shorter than the earlier Press Start cartoons. They were originally intended for mobile devices and needed to be under 3 minutes -- ideally around 2. We've got a batch of toons already in production, but we'll revisit the length after those. Thanks for your support!



A rpg parody(well done) which contains enough fun(for me,at least).Looking the zelda's series or not,i liked it!


I felt sorry for the poor guy...in the end - ninjas > all :3

If only you could do that for a Zelda game!

I hate it when you have to do a whole side quest that is probably longer than the game itself. It just shows that in a RPG game, every girl is blond, every guy is retarded, and every monkey is danger prone.

Win for Link's Awakening reference

Oh my god, I can totally relate to this movie! I remember how crazy that trading "quest" was in links awakening too -_-;; This just goes to show that RPG npc's really dont have any common sense

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dear god this is so true

ever wondor how in some rpgs you have to go through side quests to get a main item to progress through the game? This movie totally shows how that is true! The guy had to do all that crude just for a drink! LOLZ 5 votes and 10 stars for sure

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4.41 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2008
11:10 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature December 27, 2008