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Message: Violence

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Dec 25, 2008 | 10:49 PM EST

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One minute serious short. My message. I don't recommend it to watch if you're a pregnant woman, or lost your child & etc... Also, if you have any kids in your room, please tell them to leave the room, where you watching it. Have a nice watching...

Hm... Someone get me wrong. :S Anyway, I think some people who passed a real hell in their childhood or their life at moment, will understand my message. Well, others can blam it or whatever you want people, I don't care. I did my job with message.

Thanks for reviews, btw.

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I don't even see a message... What was it, please point it out, obviously I'm blind. Is it that you need to annoy people by hanging on them all the time or they'll grow up and get pregnant and commit suicide or something? I love being alone, I don't like being around people; that much being said, I am not a dark, suicidal person. This video is either stereotypical, or not very well thought out.


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T^T very sad

T^T thats all i can say T^T


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very sad

i thought it was very touching and had a good point.

axolotl1 i agree with you i was kind of the same way but you have to take into consideration that some people need more help than others i mean if your a 6 foot 4 wrestler then yeah im sure you can take people but i mean a little kid or like in the movie a pregnant woman those are people that might need a little help so you have to think of other types of people before you disagree with someone on a message lie this

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Let down

I was expecting something a little longer, the title, warning and credits lasted longer than the actual animation did. What little was animated was good, you had good use of the effects and you obviously know what you were doing. With a little more effort put into the length I think it could have been a lot better. I don't generally complain about length, but its what really brought this down, it coulda been a masterpiece.
I look forward to your next animation.

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Nice Flash your a decent person.

is this a secret confession?