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Message: Violence

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Dec 25, 2008 | 10:49 PM EST

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One minute serious short. My message. I don't recommend it to watch if you're a pregnant woman, or lost your child & etc... Also, if you have any kids in your room, please tell them to leave the room, where you watching it. Have a nice watching...

Hm... Someone get me wrong. :S Anyway, I think some people who passed a real hell in their childhood or their life at moment, will understand my message. Well, others can blam it or whatever you want people, I don't care. I did my job with message.

Thanks for reviews, btw.

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OK, lets have some reasonable counterpoint.

This is a poor message. Is it because it's dark and sad? No. It's because it's about fear and furthermore, bullshit. My favorite times when I was a kid were spent wandering around, exploring, having adventures by my damn self. If my loved ones hadn't left me alone, I never would have had that, and I wouldn't be as independent as I am. Not that it would have been a bad thing to always have people around, and not that a coupla bad things didn't happen. I got in a few fights, stole a few things from stores, got robbed once or twice. But it was ok.

It really bothers me when I see the news full of kidnappings and murders and muggings, and I see parents putting their kids on the swings in bicycle helmets and moms feeling like they have to watch their kids every second. This is wrong.

Compare the frequency of kidnappings and violent crimes to the frequency with which people go out, alone, on the street, in nature, all over the place, and you'll realize that you shouldn't be afraid of things happening to the people you love. You SHOULD NOT feel you have to be near them all the time, because you'll stifle all the vim out of them if you do. You SHOULD help the people you love avoid taking silly risks like walking down dark alleys at night to take a piss. Take home message: don't be afraid, just be smart (and it never hurts to be fast).

The movie was somewhat touching and very well drawn, although it lacked plot. I just violently disagree with your message.

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omg tht wuz so hardc0re.

the massage wuz clrly spoken and overll rly good moral valyews included!!!
gr8 job! musik fit well too ^^'''


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i commend you for this because woman and children (even unborn) abuse is very wroung.

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If there is a pool going...

If there is a pool going on who will be the next school shooter from an artist on Newgrounds , I've got $10 on this guy.

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That was dark....I love it! xD

I know it's a sin to some people to what I just said but hey, I do care about people and my love ones but when it comes to a flash I like it. Anyways a nice 10 out of 10 from me. It even give me goosebumps for a second. Nice work.

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