Choji Butterfly Unleashed

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A real quick video sneek peek at my Choji butterfly sprite sheet and series of awesome videos including Butterfly Choji and the sound ninja. Just wait as the days count down until the power of Butterfly Choji to unveil. Please Comment what should be the name of my next video,PS: the sprite video that i make all depends on the name.
1:Butterfly Choji And The 5 Sound Ninja
2:Neji's Dillema: Butterflies And Spiders
3:Naruto and Sasuke: A little Help From A Friend
4:Sasuke's Delay: Lightning Vs Butterfly
5:You Can't Trust Anyone: Squad Betrayal
6:Orochimaro's Arrival: It Takes All Of Us



nice use of motion tweens!!!


Only Non-sense.....Why?

Is it bad or good?

I can't decide whether I like it or not...where did you get the sprites?

e3cboy responds:

I got them at the sprite-database mostly but I custom-made the butterfly choji sprites. For sprites you can go to e3cboy.moogo.com my website

Give this guy a Break

I'd like to see some of your movies yungjazz!

e3cboy responds:

Hey thanks. Check out my other movies if you want.

Just don't bother.

We don't want to see Naruto sprites doing random shit, don't bother making the movies. This isn't to say we don't want to see a flash from you, just come up with your own characters and make it original. Quit stealing from Naruto.

e3cboy responds:

This isn't random I just put this to show my butterfly choji sprites and I did it in about 25 minutes cause I was bored. Also I'm doing a lot of better movies so don't be judging.

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Dec 25, 2008
9:01 PM EST
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