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Tails Is Home Alone

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Author Comments

This is a Crossover with Futurama and Home Alone.
Sonic's X-Mas 4: Tails Is Home Alone

Special thanks to my friend Carsis for putting up with me.
Merry Freakin Christmas newgrounders- whats left of it anyway.

Not much else to say except I tried my best to get this out X-Mas Eve but it didnt happen.

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remake of home alone ok i liek taht movie so good job :3

I LOVE IT LOVE FUCHERRAMA AND SONIC just tell me if i spelled fucherrama wrong BUT I LOVE TAILS BECAUSE OF TAILS DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good work. I love Tails. Hes my fav character.

Maybe anything can be great. I love this.

In every Sonic series,I always like Tails. Even Mario though.


Sorry for doing the star thingy. I'm using the ipad. Well good bye.


youve left me speechless


I am not a newgrounder Im new to NG!