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Omega Kowai Cuthwald Song

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So apparently there's this "meme" on YouTube about some chick singing about this super-deformed chibi dude called Cloud from some video game or something, and people make their own versions of that song/video. http://uk.youtube.com/wat ch?v=PrZQIayUnbA
Wellp, Patrick Smythe (the singer behind "The Ultimate Orgy") made his own, special version of the song, about everyone's favorite perverted loser: Cuthwald.

Due to YouTube's policy on tits & arse, we were unable to upload the whole video as it was intended to be seen, and parts of it were censored out. But we're uploading the unsullied, unadulterated, uncut version of the movie to Newgrounds, a website of people who don't run away crying and soiling their panties with horror whenever they see a nipple. Enjoy!

Note: "Kowai" (as opposed to "kawaii") seems to be the Japanese word for "scary".

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And I thought the adult cuthwald stuff was fucked up!

I find it funny that "kowai" is the transliteration of a Japanese word meaning "scary," rather than cute or "Kawaii" as you probably intended it to be, Either way, it's pretty apt. I don't intend to bash your video because it's pretty amusing, in a rather weird and slightly fucked-up way. I like it, but feel sad for hapless Hamtaro.

Poor Hamtaro! XD

I followed this link because your website said this was the UNcensored version.

So what the flying FUCK is a censor bar doing appearing at the hamster part?!

I feel fuckin' GYPPED.

Otherwise this was good.