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The Game that Stole X-Mas

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This is my submission for the Winter Contest!

Right, so the story of this animation is loosely based on an actual personal experience. I had alot of fun animating this little short, and I've learned quite a lot in the process. So yeah, I hope everyone enjoys my Christmas movie, and has a great Christmas, a happy new year and all the other cool stuff like that.

I want to give a shout-out to my good friends Daniel Sun, Psycosis91, Rina-Chan and Deven Mack for
being so great and voicing their character in the animation. And my buddy Andrew composed the soundtrack for this movie! Doesn't it sound amazing?!



Loved it. The graphics could've been better but it was still good.

secondstamp responds:

Flash usually won't go like 3D on me ;(
Even if I try really hard.


While i dont really like what you all said about the wii>.<
I still agree with some things:I hate the way all my freind that got a wii for christmas always say"OMG WII RULES WITH MOTION SENSETIVE IS SO COOOOOOL"
so yeah i think u have a point about the wii,in my opinion wii is fun but dosent have a lot of good titles,xbox has great online,and u cant beat the graphics for the ps3.
But anyway this is straying from the point im meant to review this:
pretty entertaining lol i though it was the wii they would of got instead of wii music.i think ill give this an 7/10 while i really like the wii even though it kinda make fun of it this was stiil entertaining

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secondstamp responds:

Thank you. I would have made fun of the Wii itself if it was like November 2006 but right now this seemed right.

lol that's why I hate the Wii

I don't like the Wii because the Games are garbage And the Graphics look worst than a PS2 lol. That was funny though. Why do people like the Wii I played it and it is so boring and the controller blows ass, and Blah Blah Blah.

'Twas the flash before Christmas...

Yes. I like it! What else is there to say? Animation was smooth, jokes were funny, Voice acting was great... Areas to improve on? Honestly, I couldn't pick anything out. Straight and to the point. Nice.

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twas epic

Yeah I'm glad I rented that game and not buyiong it. It woulda ruined my day.

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4.16 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2008
11:08 AM EST
Comedy - Original