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megaman...euhm were is he

rated 2.63 / 5 stars
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Dec 24, 2008 | 6:05 PM EST

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so after couple of weeks with errors, searching ,asking, begging, animating, frustating and ...yeah whatever. her is my first flash. i just wanted to test myself if i was able to make a flaash movie and ik leaarned it is a lot more work than i expected:). enjoy this movie and if you have any tips,tricks,hints just tell me:)

this movie takes place in the old time of megaman 2. but...megaman is not here? someone else took his place...

due to the lack of megaman sound effects i had to improvise with mario sound effects so sorry about that.

things i want to learn for my next movie:
1. make custom sprites and backgrounds
2. making buttons
3. maybe making a customized pre-loader
4. work well with shape motion
5. keep in mind my next movie must be 30 fps instead of 14^^'
6. moving backgrounds

anyways please leave some comments and vote fair.

NOTE: these sprites and music are copyrighted by nintendo, i will not use this movie for any commercial purpose.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not too shabby for a first go at Flash.

Good start! Next flash, make your sprites and BGs bigger. All that white space was a bit distracting from your movie. Also, jazz up your action sequences with some classic 16- and 32-bit action, rather than manipulating the sprites to do things they were not meant to do. Next, fill your movie with eye-catching backgrounds, FX, and some of the great music you used in this flash. Keep up a fast pace for the action, so it's not just a boring side-scroller.

Keep at it. I'd love to see those custom sprites. Good luck!

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AAPNL responds:

i never thought the reviews and scores would be so positive, expecten a score lower than this because the first thing i try is always a big mess. i stil have waaaaays to go but thanks to you guys i will make it.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

The first steps of a long journey

Well, looks like you're getting the basics down. Just keep searching out new tutorials to do things like scrolling images, that would have improved this movie greatly.
Some more tips: don't make him crouch on EVERY jump, just the big ones. Experiment with making the gravity look more real.
Let us see that menu screen you made, slow it down so we can see it.
It looked like a real video game up to the point of Mario grabbing onto ledges and whatnot, skip the matrix crap and keep it 8-bit.

Make sure to watch the great sprite animators and try to learn from them. Keep working on it, don't give up!

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AAPNL responds:

thanks for your review, the matrix crap did go accidentally:P saw it when i viewed my flash after submitting. thanks for your tips and for viewing my movie:) maybe my next movie will be better because i make it 30 fps instead of a crappy 14 fps.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's a start, and a bit of a twist on the formula

First off, I've never seen a Mario flash where he is Megaman. An odd concept, but it actually worked out surprisingly well. Given Mario's many costumes and power up suits, I'm actually surprised noone else has thought to combine the two!

Made me nostalgic for the classic old Megaman games as well. I loved playing them back in the day, and using authentic music from them made the movie work well. It was even laid out like a decent level, which helped it feel fairly authentic to the experience.

My main complaint would be that it is just too small. The stage is about 80% empty, just a white void. Make the backgrounds and sprites bigger and fill up the screen. Everything is small and hard to see, and making things bigger in flash is simple as could be.

Hopefully for the next flash you do you'll have backgrounds that fill up the screen better, and action that doesn't require eye strain to watch. A very solid first flash though.
PS: Was I in the special thanks part of the credits? Very kind of you, and good luck on your future submissions!

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AAPNL responds:

well i just got the crazy idea for that concept, i mean the power suits of smb 3 just fitted in perfect with the megaman weapons. next time i will make it bigger and maybe even redo this one with better skills. thanks for your review it is really helpfull.

P.S. you are in the credits for giving me advice you know;) it should be fair that you are in my credits.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

On track

Mate, you are on track. The movie is decent and I enjoyed the boss fight, On the other side, the fact that it is not a full screen really bothers me. I know that you are still learning the basics of flash, just make sure that you make a full screen next time.

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AAPNL responds:

thanks for the review, i will keep the full screen in mind


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Why would we want to sit here and watch you play a video game. What's the point? You think that watching people play 8 bit Mario is fun? No. It isn't. And what was with the white part? You only used the bottom left corner? I mean really. It was pointless.

AAPNL responds:

well it WAS a test movie for me if i could control the basics... i hope you will like my next submissions