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Chibi manga: Dating sim

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((((Some basic information))))

Its finally done, the fourth manga dating game i made.
The first 2 arent al that great but the third dating game i made called Sim date city recieved
a lot of positive reviews so i decieded last year to give it another shot and well here is the result.
Just like sim date city i wanted to make the game without Hentai and make a second game
where you could enter the cheats of this game if you want to watch hentai, unfortunatly most people that played sim date city dident understand that you where supose to enter the cheats in my
second game Hentai city (evendo i explained that in the text and twice in the game ;)
So this game contains some animated hentai at the end and i now a lot of people dont like that but wel you dont have to watch the ending afcourse ;)

Have fun

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please add a mute button.

Idk, I've looked through the comments and I'm not finding any of them buttons you say are there.
All my stats are at max, my relationship points with the redhead are at 215%
And yet, when I go into her room I get the message "She now thinks your are date worthy"
and the only option that I'm given is to go back.
With the blonde, all I've been able to do is go into her room and she just sits there...
I haven't even SEEN the blue-haired girl.
Am I missing something?
All in all, it seems like it could be an okay game, just as soon as the bugs are worked out.

hulster responds:

Well maybe i made this game to hard, i think but i will help you out :p
First get max strengt and max charm, go to the job centre and work as gaurd until you have $7000.
Then go to the mall and buy 7 expensive gifts, after that talk to the girl by the school.
After giving the right answers a few times (remember all the tings she said) she will say she thinks youre date worthy.
After that give her the 7 expensive gifts, a necklass works the best and you can visit her in her room.
Now you can date her on 3 locations, after that you can also imidiatly date the blond girl and after that the blue haired girl, good luck.

This does not deserve any stars. Never confuse effort for results. I see you made good effort, but you do not have a game ready for release.

If you wish to become a better developer you will need to ensure that you are spelling everything correctly and using proper grammar (sentence structure and uniformity)

Hentai or not, that doesn't make a good game. I would play a stick dating sim if the content was worthy over one that is pleasing to the eye.

Your game is broken, there is only one girl to date once you get to a certain point, I can see the blonde in her room. Redhead takes over the blue girl's room. If you botch a date by spilling your drink she will never go on another date with you, however you can still dump tons and tons of money on her and get her % to over 100. The only thing she will say is "I like rice."

Your comment below to Margo, saying that there is little hentai so with her being a girl she should love it. That is one of the most ridiculous things to say! It's completely inaccurate and very insulting to say the least.

Improvements needed:
Better spelling and grammar.
Bug fixing of your three girls.
More dialog options.
Prices on your gifts.
A catch so that you do not go into negative dollars and negative energy.
An actual use for what has been implemented.
Use a random number generator for your stat gains.
Make stats unique and beneficial - and something to aim for.

Be more careful when you program the next game and if you have to ask around the net for an artist, the fact that you put this much together earns you a star, but since it doesn't play like a finished product one star is generous. I absolutly love the fact that there are people still making these dating sims so i will say thank you and support this idea. But in the end this was no jewel.