Toad's Present

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Ok so this is my first Christmas Flash I've done, and I've only had flash for a couple of months and my friends say that I've improved.

This Flash is about Mario going to go fetch a present for Toad because Princess Toadstool, being the whore she is, tells him to. He goes out on a adventure to find the present but little does he know that Bowser is after it also.

I'd like for you guys to watch this movie and comment on it, give me advice as to how to make my Flash smoother and more unique. I'd really love it if you went over the limit and gave me all the advice you know, but it's up to you.



I couldn't find a way to put all the people who helped me into the NG system because none of them are online to tell me their username.

And I guess the spriters at spriters-resource.


You are really improving your skills, great animation! BTW, weren't you the creator of original "Mushroom Chase"? But the internet acts like it never existed, I can only see its 6 remakes! Where can I find the original???


I was in the Credits. Jonbro never puts me in his credits, D:
Anyway, I really thought you weren't going to complete this. I was wrong. It was better than I thought it was gonna be. I noticed you change a couple things, (e.x. better backgrounds, smoother animation.) and that's good. Good job getting into a collections also! It sort of ended abruptly, and there wasn't any audio at the end, but still good job.

Your getting much better!

your on your way to being a great sprite animator, keep it up

Pandamonium2 responds:

Oh thanks so much, I think I might rejoin VGDC and hone my Flash skills, since I'm doing a long project at the moment.

lol epic

it was awesome

That was lame...

The story coulda been done better. You totally could've set it up for a lot more. I mean Bowser was searching for something to and all his troops id was just stand around. They didn't even attempt to move or anything. No emotion what so ever with any of the enemies. I've seen more of a reaction form the Intro screen...

So in the middle of running he so happens to fall, go down a pipe like it was all planned and find a blue block.

Then that's it.
Nothing else. Not "Whats toads present?" where it coulda been awesome, or hilarious No "What about Boswer?" He coulda crashed in and fought Mario for it even if it was for a second. He coulda been told that Mario found a Present but not his and kept it there for a funny moment too...


"Thanks Mario"... Really?

...No you ended it with;
"K bye"

A lot more coulda been done with this and it was dull though and through.

Pandamonium2 responds:

Well I could've done a fight scene with Bowser, but I'm not awesome at Flash enough to even do stuff like that.

Maybe, instead of saying it sucks, you could give advice on how to make my flash better, but no, you act like a immature retard, your review is useless.

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3.10 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2008
11:36 AM EST
Comedy - Parody