shoot the bloons

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Use LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to rotate the Archer.
Press Space bar to release the arrows.
If you burst all the balloons in a level you go to next level.
If you get a score of 100 you win the game .



But ReplayLevel1?

You made this from a tutorial.



u need to fix the arrow direction, what code did u used i might be able to help, pm me, good idea btw

Pretty Poor Effort

It might have been an enjoyable game if it was good.

I commend you for the effort.

But it wasn't that good for me. The general aesthetics of it all was very poor. The ground and the sky... horrible colors. Yes, the sky is blue and the ground is brown, but, it isn't all flat and one color. The archer was horribly drawn, the bow was nothing more than a curved line and a straight one. The arrows, again, just lines. Just because we could tell what it was does not mean it was good. The balloons, just circles with gradients filling them. No, I am not just trying to over criticize only the visual aspects of it. I'll tell you that I also did not like the fact that only 15 seconds were given to shoot an increasing amount of balloons on the same LEVEL. As the balloons increase, so should the time, if only by one second, by all means it should still increase. 100 balloons requires an attention span no human could possibly have, I had to quit when I was at 36. What really riled me was that fact of the ad; there should not be an ad in beginning of the flash considering the poor quality of it.
All in all, I'm sorry but I just did not enjoy this game at all. 3 only for the effort.

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Credits & Info

1.76 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2008
12:13 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional