SSC ep: 4

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The fourth episode of SSC. Sonic, Mario and freinds run into a unexpected twist and it makes their chances of beating Mecha Sonic even thinner. While back on earth at the Hyrule Temple 2 newcomers join the Rebels. I got a whole lot of new sprites from mcleodgaming.com and i got all permission and all credit will and has been given. All sprites are property of SEGA, Nintendo and CAPCOM. All custom sprites are property of their rightful owner, some sprites are by me. I do not claim any sprites except my custom poses of Dark sonic. (only made five)




Nice one

That was really good. I hope you make another one. keep up the good work. My brother also likes this series as well.(but I think you know that already).......
hmm... I wonder if Falco truly died or not...... Oh but don't tell me, just make more. I don't want to discover it through text, just through your work.

sonicmcbob responds:

kk, i wont tell u if he is dead or not but whos your bro???

Very great!!

the action scenes are always getting better. it is so sad i cant believe falco is dead T_T
come back falco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sonicmcbob responds:

sry, falco's dead. if he wasnt dead then Sonic couldnt have gone Dark Sonic.

Once again you impress me

Remember me sonicmcbob? It's me jeffman101!!! And I am a fan of the SSC series! So I bet you're next SSC episode will be greater and awesomer!!!

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sonicmcbob responds:

umm... yea i gusess so. and check out my other series sonic satam.


u used darksonic poor falco darksonic's probaly gona kill mecha sonic

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sonicmcbob responds:

he just bout does in the next one but his powers wear off before he can.

Wow that was!

Really Awesome!! Keep them coming!!
oh yah you know that one song that you used in the part
Falco died!
lol I was Going to use that song Too! LOL!

REally Awesome Sonicmcbob!!

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sonicmcbob responds:

thx man,

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Dec 23, 2008
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