SSC ep: 4

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The fourth episode of SSC. Sonic, Mario and freinds run into a unexpected twist and it makes their chances of beating Mecha Sonic even thinner. While back on earth at the Hyrule Temple 2 newcomers join the Rebels. I got a whole lot of new sprites from mcleodgaming.com and i got all permission and all credit will and has been given. All sprites are property of SEGA, Nintendo and CAPCOM. All custom sprites are property of their rightful owner, some sprites are by me. I do not claim any sprites except my custom poses of Dark sonic. (only made five)




Nice, but...

There were a few things that got to me.

First of all, the way you used the music. The music didn't quite fit in with the flash. You just played the tracks over the flash without them fitting in to well with what was going on (except for the sadness and sorrow one which fitted in nicely). It felt to me as though I was listening to my Ipod whilst watching the flash, and the music and animation just didn't quite go together (I actually have final destination and Show no tears on my Ipod, though that is irrelivent.)

Secondly, I can clearly see that you are a very good sprite animator however there were a few parts of the animation where I just thought; 'Meh'. The fight scene was where I felt this the most. It felt more like turn based combat rather than a proper fight at some points (although you did an excellent job on some parts). For example you had sonic & Mecha sonic running side by side for about 5 seconds. That was pretty boring fight wise. To make stuff like that more interesting, maybe have mecha sonic shooting at sonic whilst sonic dodges the shots or something along those lines. In a fight to the death the fight should be epic, and I know you have the potential to incorporate better stuff into a scene like that.

Finally, the drama with falco and sonics transformation, just wasn't very dramatic. You may have chosen a good song, but the whole thing just didn't seem believable, neither did it feel entirely sad. I think it could have been improved with some more sound effects, for example a cry of pain as falco is obliterated.

These are just my thoughts though. I'm probably being a bit harsh with my review; I know I'm no animator, and I've also been stunned recently by the brilliance of SMBZep8, however I'm sure you can understand why I can't give you a 10 with something like that out there. Keep up the animating though, its obvious you have great potential.

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This flash is nice but only nice.
The animation were somehow good.
I really din't like the drama Falco/scene at the end, it's like there's something missing maybe less talk and more music(that's just my opinion) and the battles are very entertaining :D but you could try to use some moving backgrounds

I give an 8, because doing this kind of flash is not easy and in the end it is nicely done. and besides this is the 4th and you are already on the 6th so.... let's see the other 2 :P


this seris is awsome it is almost as good as sonic syythe, sonic cosmic, or sonic dawning of darkness

"Bloody hell" - Ron weasly

"that was bloody brilliant!" - Ron Weasly

| I second the English dude!

great series keep it up!


You are brilliant at animating! This is almost as god as SMBZ!

sonicmcbob responds:

thx dude

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Dec 23, 2008
9:55 PM EST