TBA - Time Trial #1

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Full title: TheBackAlleys Time Trial #1

Alright so I started this whole project in August and pretty much everyone was done in August with their parts. I never really got around to compile all that until Bug e-kicked me in my e-butt and I promised to him that I would release it sometime this week.

The topic of the first TBA Time Trial was this:
"Animate whatever it is you think of when you hear the phrase, 'Heads I win, Tails you lose' without making any reference to Two-Face or Batman you dumb faggot."

The theme was chosen by MRat.

Now I am REALLY sorry that I didn't make a part for the time trial and I am even more sorry that it took about 3 months to finish up, but I still hope you will like it.

The first part was made by Jeinu
Second part was made by Cambo
Third part was made by Bug

The music was made by HappyLeetGost (HLG or Armon) and RedMongoose

Menu and the poorly done credits were done by me. I am not really good at action script so excuse me that it's not super fancy with preloader games and all that kind of stuff.




First one was my favorite,but props to the last one for the great graphics! I'll be looking forward to the next!


didnt really get the idea till the second animation. Pretty good.
nicely done!

not bad.

i didnt really get the point of this though. One minute its baddies in space, the next its two face talking about sprites??

Psi43 responds:

It was a collaboration. People were supposed to animate whatever they though of first when they heard the line "Heads I win, tails you lose". Then the parts were compiled.


I like the voice acting, was it me or do the villains look like the endless (sandman,desire,etc)? Anyways,great animation, lovely music and i'll give a 9^^

I will be watching 4 da next

I see that even though MRat said don't use Two-Face Bug did anyway and MRat gave him bonus points. Awesome.

Speaking of Batman Eartha Kitt (the 1960's Cat Woman) Died on the day of this post. Coincidence? Yup. Totally.

Good job to every one all three looked fantastic.

Psi43 responds:


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4.09 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2008
8:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original