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Zombie Blaster 3.

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Author Comments

(EDIT: HARDER GAME PLAY) I tried to make this one more like an actual zombie survival game. That means no more zombies with guns, you'll be facing large amounts of zombies instead. Please play through the whole game, and unlock all the weapons before you review, or vote. Please read the instructions first too. SUBMIT THIS TO A COLLECTION, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSS SSEEEE.

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starter zombies need to be weaker than this... other wise people like me will abandon it quickly

・This game has 7 weapons.
・You can Use Attachment To your Weapon.

・Art's Quality Isn't Good.
・Most of the Weapons Are Useless.
(M-16 Has Only 3 RoundsBurst-Fire Mode. And M40A3 Can't Do hipfire. Also, Fire Rate is Very Slow.
M590 Has Only 5 Magazine Size, And Fire rate is Very slow.)
・This game Doesn't have Any Save Feature.
・Highscore Leaderboard is Dead in 2019.

・Use Only MAC-10. It's Best Weapon In this game.
・You can Use 1 Attachment Per Gun.
(You Can't use Suppressor and Red Dot Sight At Same time.)

I like this game.It is a good game.

I really enjoyed this game. Throughout playing it, I noticed that the zombies come a little too fast and I can't get through one horde in the further up rounds. I may suck, but for a more experienced playing it may be a tad overwhelming for them. Otherwise, I like the game. It's realistic, (In terms of the zombies not having guns or whatever,) and is overall very enjoyable. There are enough guns to keep me from getting bored, and the game kept me in for about 30 minutes. Well done sir.

This game is really fun.

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2008
2:58 PM EST

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