Christmas chaos(Miked21)

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its pretty cool

Its cool, but your missing something, i think it has something to do with the zombies

Good Game

This needs little bit of fixing. The music is too loud and the screen shakes a lot when you shoot.


Good creation, awesome music, i liked it but u have to fix some bugs and bring the concept to a hole new level cuz the idea of santa killing zombies with a big smile is fun.

I did kill all the zombies... [750.5]

... but that's the problem. I had clicked the save game option a couple times before buying guns between levels so I could resume from there if I died midlevel, which I did once. Problem was, when I resumed, or if I closed the game window and reloaded it later, it would load the same level I was on, only I'd have more money than I had when I first started that level and clicked save... plus I'd have less ammo than I should have had. It was saving my game from the moment I died/closed the window.

Which wouldn't be all that much of a problem except on the final level, the "kill 50 zombies" level, I wiped out all 50, but couldn't reach an end to the level. There was a snowy ledge that was impossible to jump onto at the right of a long, low plain... and I figured "oh, okay. No real "end of game," that's fine."

So then I reloaded the game window and it put me at the start of that final level, with less ammo, more money, etc... same deal... and there's no way for me to start over.

I'd really like to try the two weapons I didn't buy the first time through, and play it from the start again, as it's a very enjoyable Santa-shoots-zombies game, but... I can't. I even switched from Opera to Firefox to see if it was a browser cookie you were using... nope, it still put me on the final level. You must have it tied to IP or something.

Please fix this, either give us an option in the Options menu to delete save info, or... just fix the way it works, I guess.

That said, it only slightly mars the experience of blasting zombies. I found that the machine guns (though I didn't try the final one) were a bit lacking, as not only did they need twice as many or more bullets to kill each individual zombie, but they were so inaccurate as to require even more. They were good against one or two zombies from the same direction... and there was way too much ammo for 'em.

The shotguns were a joy. The M3 was an early effective weapon, the SPAS was surprisingly... not much better than the M3, and ammo was scarce... but just as in Far Cry 2, nothing beats the USAS-12 up close. EXCELLENT auto-firing shotty action. Love it! Well done with the gun animations, too, and the shell casing ejections and all. Plz to fix the saves. ;_;


nice game but there's something wrong in the last stage. After 51 kills no more zombies came up and there's a jump at the end I cant get over.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2008
12:51 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun