Mario Bros. X 6

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Mariomeister here!
<Oh I am so sick of saying that!>
This episode is one of few which I didn't rush to finish! Fancy that! But I did want to fit one more episode into this lovely year of 2008! And as always, the spacebar is used to skip text...

I think I managed to fix the hyperlink bugs to MARIOMEISTER STUDIOS, but I'm not sure, so there's only one way to find out.

Anyway, enjoy the movie! <I wonder if I could get away with putting subliminal messages into my flashes so that they get a better rating...hmm.....isn't that against the rules?>

So keep your finger on the spacebar, your other hand close to the mouse, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the 6th episode of Mario Bros. X!



I say 9/10 because I don't think this episode was very long and i think you rushed this one although you say you didn't and when is the next episode coming out????

hmm... pretty good

BUT! ( no offence to the next thing im gonna say ) GIVE US THE FREAKIN NEXT EPISODE!!!!

Mariomeister responds:

I'm getting there. I'm so good at deleting them, it's scary!

i liked it

i liked it but the thing that runied it for me was the text you said you can skip it with the space bar but sometimes it works sometimes it doesn,t anny way a nine caus of that

Mariomeister responds:

Sorry. It worked for me, and everyone I tested it on. Maybe your net went weird? Yay for doing this on my Wii!

grrrrrr cliffhanger!!!!

i hate cliffhangers
but other than that the series has been good so far and i hope for you to finish the next one very quickly

good effort put in...

I can tell you put effort into this and you are not verry experienced in flash. (Unless you are making a quick spam movie) I like the idea but if you want to get front page I suggest making custom sprites to improve the quality of this flash. Also I found the fact that you made the character sounds when they talked in a written form which does not make much sense, so could you take those out?

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2.91 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2008
1:23 AM EST